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Elephant village in Pattaya (elephant trekking)

Pattaya, Thailand
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Elephant trekking

Authentic Thai adventure

Elephant ­- a holy symbol of Thailand

A mother elephant carries its child for 2 years. Since the birth and up to 3­-4 years an elephant is considered to be an infant. The mother elephant feeds it with milk. As soon as the baby elephant is weaned from breastfeeding, the mahout becomes responsible for its upbringing. Usually a young trainer and baby elephant grow up together. The elephant nearly becomes a member of his family. There is a saying: to be a mahout is to be married to an elephant. A mahout spends about 5 days a month with his family and the rest 25­26 days with his elephant. An elephant starts working at 14 years old and retires at 60. A grown-­up elephant weighs about 4000 kg. It needs 300 kg of food every day. It sleeps only 4 hours a day in upright position making loud snorts.

Elephant Village

This is a unique private resort that was built in 1973. First, it was a place where injured animals were taken care of. The word about this animal hospital spread and many people started visiting it. And soon there was created an amusement park.

Pattaya elephant trekking

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People riding elephants is stupid. It's cruel to be strapping bamboo or metal seats onto this animal.

Conservation for these animals is a way bigger and better business. You should consider it's 2018 and get with the times.
It's not 1970 !!!

Wish We hadn't bothered, after reading that this place used to a elephant hospital & rescue I was very upset by the cruelty towards the Elephants. They are over worked & constantly hit on the head with a bull hook for no reason. The Elephants obviously know where they are going after numerous trips per day. You are also constantly asked for money for things to so call feed the elephants. When they are not working they are chained up in a small area. There is also a solitary young lion chained up in a small concrete cell so they can charge for people to have their picture with it. It was quite obviously on medication & never removed from the prison cell. What a horrible life for a social big cat.

Don't waste your money. Paid for elephant trekking and private lake tour, but got neither. Total cluster [email protected]$?. Spent hour waiting for tour. Ran out of time.

Dear  Micheal, you booked  by yourself at our web site Elephant trekking in Pattaya, Elephant Village + Elephant bathing 1hour, not  the tour at the private lake. We're  sorry that the program did not satisfied your expectations

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