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New Dolphinarium Pattaya (Dolphin Show and Swim)

Pattaya, Thailand
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Dolphin Therapy

Boost your energy and enjoy positive emotions at the new dolphin show in Pattaya!

A new unique show of dolphins and seals in Pattaya - you are going to see an impressive performance conducted by the trainers from Europe.

A chic show of the European level with the participation of the Black Sea dolphins of the Afalin family and fur seals is the hallmark of the new dolphinarium and its main difference from similar projects. The atmosphere of this holiday, which dolphinarium pets and their trainers are easily able to create at the show and at the photoshoot after it, is the very magnet that attracts both children and adults to the dolphinarium.

Dolphinarium in Pattaya

Itinerary and prices



Taxi trip to Pattaya Dolphinarium

You can book the convenient taxi to get to Pattaya Dolphinarium at any time.

Destination Sedan, 4 seats Minivan, 6 seats Minibus, 9 seats
Pattaya ↔ Pattaya Dolphinarium, 1-way trip 350 450 650
Pattaya ↔ Pattaya Dolphinarium, 2-way trip 700 900 1300

Hall Plan of Pattaya Dolphinarium

Pattaya Dolphin Show hall

Watch a video of a new dolphins show in Pattaya

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay for tours in US dollars?

You can pay in US dollar or Euro online by credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay by cash you have to pay in Thai Baht only.

2. How long does it take to get to Pattaya Dolphin World?

About 1 hour.

3. My child is 4 years old. Can he swim with dolphins?

Children aged 6 and over 6 years are admitted to the swimming sessions.

How much is the dolphins show for two persons including two way car transportation from hotels at central Pattaya. TQ.
Jeffrey Ong

Dear Jeffrey, you can see price for all kind of programes in Pattaya Dolphin world at this page. The two-way transfer is included.

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