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Dolphinarium Pattaya (Dolphin Show and Swim)

Pattaya, Thailand
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Descriptions of tickets to Dolphinarium Pattaya

Dolphin Therapy in Dolphinarium Pattaya

Boost your energy and enjoy positive emotions in the new Dolphinarium Pattaya!

A new unique show of dolphins and seals in Pattaya – you are going to see an impressive performance conducted by the trainers from Europe.

A chic show of the European level with the participation of the Black Sea dolphins of the Afalin family and fur seals is the hallmark of the new dolphinarium and its main difference from similar projects. The atmosphere of this holiday, which dolphinarium pets and their trainers are easily able to create at the show and at the photoshoot after it, is the very magnet that attracts both children and adults to the dolphinarium.


About available tickets

Choose from Standard, Deluxe or VIP tickets, there is also the option to book a round-trip ticket with round-trip transfers from your hotel.

Swimming with dolphins

In Pattaya Dolphinarium you can fulfill your cherished dream – to swim with dolphins. And it is not necessary to know how to swim. All children and if necessary adults are given vests. At the same time in the small pool there are 2 people - there are 2 dolphins, each interacting with his own. When swimming in the large pool - 5 people and 5 dolphins. In addition to regular swimming, the instructors here are also engaged in dolphin therapy for special children, so they understand perfectly well what to do if a person in the pool not only does not know how to swim, but also cannot do it physically.

The dolphins here are the third generation born in the dolphinarium. They perceive people as their flock, so they are very friendly and happy to each guest. While swimming in Dolphinarium Pattaya a person is with the dolphin all the time – hugs it, strokes it, "dances" with it and swims on it, holding on to the pectoral or dorsal fins. The dolphin listens to the trainer, who tells it exactly what to do.


A luxurious show of European level with the participation of Black Sea dolphins of the Afaline family and sea lions is the business card of the new dolphinarium and its main difference from similar projects. The atmosphere of a real holiday, which can be easily created by the dolphinarium pets and their trainers at the show and at the photo session after it, is the very magnet that attracts both children and adults to the dolphinarium. And having visited Dolphinarium Pattaya once, most visitors will be happy to come here repeatedly.

About Dolphinarium Pattaya and its pets

As a member of the international dolphinarium community and with extensive experience, Dolphinarium Pattaya pays close attention to the comfort and health of its pets. All dolphins involved in the show were born in the dolphinarium and are the third generation not living in the wild. That is why they perceive their trainers, who have been working with them all their lives, and their pack as members of their family. This approach to working with these intelligent animals ensures a high level of interaction between the pets and the dolphinarium staff, as well as with its visitors.

Hall Plan of Dolphinarium Pattaya

Pattaya Dolphin Show hall

Watch a video of a new dolphins show in Pattaya

Cancellation policy

Tickets for the show: it is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge at least 48 hours before the start of the show.

Swimming with dolphins: cancellation or date changes are not possible.

Dolphinarium Pattaya location

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Reviews of Dolphinarium Pattaya

Wendy MacTavish   (13.03.2023 15:44)
I am in a wheelchair.. Can I come to the show and have seating

Support_Online-Pattaya   (13.03.2023 17:26)
Hello, yes, can.

Jeffrey Ong   (07.01.2017 05:28)
How much is the dolphins show for two persons including two way car transportation from hotels at central Pattaya. TQ.
Jeffrey Ong

Support_Online-Pattaya   (07.01.2017 05:58)
Dear Jeffrey, you can see price for all kind of programes in Pattaya Dolphin world at this page. The two-way transfer is included.

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