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Tiger Park Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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The history of the Tiger Park in Pattaya

This is not a tiger farm which aim is to grow tigers for sale and exchange. This is a park where tigers and humans live peacefully together. Our tigers are brought up by and with people and are not even a bit dangerous. Since the birth they are trained by professionals and they know well that they mustn’t bite or scratch. They are very friendly and treat people as friends, not as their potential lunch. A trainer will stay with you in the cage and will help move the tiger and change its position if necessary. Tigers of different age stay in different cages and you can choose which cages you would like to visit. Package offers are also available (see below). If you take photos with your cameras, extra payments for photos are not charged. Guests of Tiger Park Pattaya can be absolutely sure that they are safe here.

In Pattaya Tiger Park you can touch and pet tigers and give them a piece of your love.

Cages in Pattaya Tiger Park

You can come to visit us even just for drinking coffee or having lunch while watching tigers playing around.

You can choose to get in the cage to play and take photos with tigers by a single cage or many cages as you want. We have the tiger trainer staying with you in the cage all the time to make you feel safe. If you want to sit or stand next to a tiger or even to hug a tiger, the trainers will try and position the tiger so that you feel comfortable and safe in shot. We do not charge you to take as many photos as you like with your own camera. As the tigers were born here and stay with people since they were born, they don’t and never think that people are their food. They spend their whole life with people and are trained from very small that biting and clawing are not permitted. Our tigers are well trained and friendly. And also it is important that our tigers are happy, so during the day or in the late evenings, the trainers will use coconuts or leaves.

Opening hours of the Tiger Park in Pattaya

From 10:00 to 17:00.

How long can I stay in the aviary?

The duration of stay in each of the presented enclosures is 10 minutes.

For a surcharge

  • Transfer from the hotel in Pattaya (you can choose when booking in the "Booking form")
  • Photographer's services (you can choose when booking in the "Booking form")

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking for free, not less than 48 hours before the beginning of the event.

Tiger Park Pattaya video

Tiger Park Pattaya location

Frequently asked questions about tours in Pattaya

1. How can I pay?

1.1. Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard and other methods. After checking availability, we will send the payment link on WhatsApp or Email.


1.2. To Thai bank account in baht (via a cash machine, bank branch or any Thai bank mobile app).

1.3. Cash in the office by pre-arranging the time of the visit and the service(s) to be paid for in Online Support. You can pay in the office only in Thai baht and at least 3 days prior to the date of the tour.

1.4. Cash to the courier, it is necessary to agree the address, time of arrival of the courier and paid service(s) in advance in the chat Online Support. The cost of the courier is 300 baht. For payments of 5000 baht or more, the courier is free of charge. You can pay the courier only in Thai baht and at least 3 days before the date of the tour.

2. How does the booking process work?

Book online and we will check availability for the selected date and send the payment link in WhatsApp or Email. If you need an alternative method of payment (in the office, by courier or to Thai account), please write about it in the "Additional information" field or in the Online Support.

3. What is the difference between group and private tours?

Group (Shared) Private
There will be other tourists on the tour Only your company will be on the tour
Transfer from hotels at the appointed time Private transfer at a convenient time
Tour guide for all tourists on the tour Tour guide for your company

Reviews of Tiger Park Pattaya

Abhishek   (29.04.2024 23:04)

Goutham   (11.08.2023 14:37)
Is Tiger Park opened or closed permanently

Support_Online-Pattaya   (11.08.2023 14:40)
It is opened

David Carver   (04.02.2020 11:17)
Booked to go to tiger park, was given a pickup time of 10:00 am, didn't turn up, rang online-pattaya, sorry taxi broken, not be here till 12:15, what a compete ruin off the day.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (04.02.2020 13:12)
Hello, dear David, we are sorry for any inconvenience. Tiger Park had to change the car urgently due to breakdown. Due to the inconvenience, we provide for you a free transfer to Tiger Park.

Regina Nunes-Bourne   (16.08.2019 23:31)
First i had mix feelings, but the Tiger look better feed than at home in the Netherlands in the Zoo. We Loved it, glad we did it.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (17.08.2019 13:16)
Hello, Regina, thank you for your feedback.

Milana   (21.06.2018 17:54)
Thank you for our trip to Tiger Park yesterday! Everything was Great!

Raychellet Williamson   (25.03.2018 21:37)
My husband loves tigers. He always dreamed of getting close to one in real life. Well Tiger Park in Pattaya, Thailand made it all possible. With options to choose from, we were able to realize our dream. From the Big Tiger to the baby one, there is something for everyone at Tiger Park in Pattaya.

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