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Elephant Sanctuary in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Taking care of elephants in Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Elephants in Thailand are considered to be the national heritage and the symbol of the country. A big attention is paid to their protection and guarding.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an elephant reserve 40-minute’s drive from Pattaya. Its mission is taking care of elephants. There is no such entertainment as elephant riding. All the activities are focused on taking care of elephants, their rehabilitation and treatment.

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Elephant care in Pattaya


Elephants are amazing animals, clever and kind. Despite their size, they can be vulnerable and sometimes need help from people.

In Elephant Jungle Sanctuary you will learn more about elephants, their peculiarities, habits, illnesses and what hard time they have in the wild nature after a lifetime of serving to people. Here a man is a friend to the elephants.

When you choose one of the tours, you will be able to cook elephants’ favourite meal, feed them, go on a walk in the jungles in the company of elephants, organise a mud spa-treatment for them and then bathe together with them.Spending time with elephants in the sanctuary has a favourable effect on people’s psychological state, reduces stress and calms you down.

You can also choose a tour which includes a visit to an unusual paper factory. Elephants wastes are used as material for producing paper.

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Elephant care in Pattaya

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