Can you use a credit card in Pattaya?


Can you pay by credit card or by online payments in Pattaya?

Pattaya is one of the main resorts in Thailand, which is popular with tourists from all over the world. Many travelers do not want to take all their money in cash to protect them from theft or loss. That is why a bank card or online payment can greatly simplify all financial transactions during the holiday in Pattaya.

In our article we'll tell about using bank cards and online payments in Pattaya.

ATM cash withdrawal

And although using bank cards is much more convenient and safer, you will need some cash for your holiday in Pattaya anyway. You can pay by cashless payments in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and pharmacies. But in small cafes, street shops, tents and markets you will have to use only cash. Only cash is also accepted for all entertainment, food and drinks at beaches.

You will not have any problems with ATM cash withdrawal in Pattaya. ATMs can be found almost everywhere and you can easily withdraw money. In addition to the standard commission of your bank you will have to pay an additional fee of 220 baht. In order not to pay this additional fee, you can apply to one of the representatives of the Thai bank, although not all cards are served there. ATMs also have a cash withdrawal limit: for one operation you can withdraw the sum within 20 thousand baht.

Which credit cards to choose?

Cards of international payment systems such as MasterCard or Visa will be suitable for a trip to Pattaya. The currency of the card is not important because almost in all cases you will have to pay commission for converting money into dollars and then to bahts. It is more profitable to use debit cards especially if you plan to use a bank card mainly for withdrawing cash. With a credit card you will have to pay a larger fee. Experienced travelers advise to contact your bank and warn about using the card in Thailand, so that the bank does not block it.

Online payments in Pattaya

In the territory of the Kingdom you can make online payments with the help of international systems - PayPal, WorldPay and local operators. Bangkok Bank, Thaiepay, SiamPay are the most popular local payment systems which provide an opportunity to pay by debit and credit cards of Visa and MasterCard systems.

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Yes, this question worried me how to take cash with me or can I take a card. Thanks for the info.

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