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Ripe fruits in January - in Pattaya it is real!


Ripe fruits in January - in Pattaya it is real!

Thailand is an amazing country with exotic and tasty fruits and vegetables growing all year round. So, seeing blooming plants or ripe fruits in January is quite real here! Visiting the Pattaya orchard, you can see ripe exotic fruits and even eat them. In our article we will tell more details about the Suphattra Land orchard.

Exotic and tasty fruits

At the orchard in Pattaya you can see how different fruits grow in their natural environment, learn about their benefits, how to choose a ripe fruit and even help harvest them. The main advantage of this tour is that you can taste any fruit! Each visitor can pick fruit from a tree while walking or wait for a tasting at a local restaurant, where guests are offered to taste ripe fruits and popular dishes with them. Gourmets and thrill lovers will be able to taste the “well-known” durian. So before going to the orchard, we advise you not to have a big breakfast.

Beautiful landscapes

This fruit paradise takes an area of more than 130 hectares and includes several huge plantations of more than 20 kinds of tropical fruits. Durians, mangoes, papayas and other fruits that you might see for the first time in your life are grown here. In addition to fruits, some types of vegetables are grown here in specially designed hydroparns.

Walking through the orchard, you will get a real aesthetic pleasure. Bright yellow mangoes, purple mangosteens, juicy green guavas and other fruits amaze with their beautiful colors. Here you will see skillfully trimmed bushes in the shape of animals, bright flower mosaics, a pond with beautiful fountains and orchids garden. To go around the entire territory of the orchard and see the most interesting things you will be offered a trip on a comfortable open bus.

Other entertainments

In addition to vegetables and fruits, the garden has its own apiary, where you can buy very tasty honey. There are also trade pavilions with souvenirs, various herbal teas, medicines with snake venom and even exotic products made of snake skin. You can see spectacular snake shows with cobras, pythons and other snakes.

How to get to the orchard?

Suphattra Land is located in Rayong Province not far from Pattaya. Tourists come here not only from Pattaya, but also from Bangkok and other neighboring cities to walk in the fruit paradise. You can get to the garden by taxi, rented transport or by booking a tour, which includes a visit to the orchard. Suphattra Land is open to visitors every day from 8 am to 5.30 pm. The ticket for tourists costs 450 baht.

Visiting the Suphattra Land orchard, you will discover a new world of exotic fruit plants which will amaze you with their unusual looks and taste!

Thelonious   (12.04.2020 12:39)
We love traveling and we like to try something new. Thanks so much for your advice! Oh, what an abundance of fruit in Thailand is all year round. It is very interesting how and where they grow - it is so exotic.

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