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Safe suntan in Pattaya


The rules of the tanning

Most tourists can get a sunburn on the first day of their arrival to Thailand. It is enough to spend 20 minutes under the sun. You can often meet holidaymakers with sunburn on their shoulders, back and other parts of the body in the streets of Thai resorts. Such skin damage can not only spoil your vacation, but also do harm to your health. In this article we have collected some useful tips on the topic: "How to sunbathe safely".

Prepare for sunbathing

Most visitors get sunburn in the first days of their stay in the Kingdom even without sunbathing at the beach. The sun in Thailand is strong enough, so it is better to prepare your skin in advance.

At first you should buy sunscreen with a high level of protection before your trip. It is recommended to use the cream just before leaving the hotel.

Another way to protect the body from sunburns is to hide it under clothes. Light shirts with long sleeves and trousers made of natural fabrics will protect from direct sunlight. A hat with a long visor protecting the face should become your "constant companion" during the whole vacation.

Safe sunbathing

To sunbathe in Thailand safely you need to follow the instructions.

In the first days of vacation it is better to give your skin time to adapt to the strong sun. During this period, you need to hide in the shade or cool places (under canopies, fountains, etc.). Even in these places the sun's rays are scattered, but active, so you need to use the sunscreen.

Remember that the sun's rays are even stronger in the water than on land, so sheltering from the sun in the sea is not the best idea. White sand on the beaches also reflects the rays and strengthens their effect on your skin. So the white beaches are beautiful, but not safe for unprepared vacationers during the first days of the holiday.

The peak of solar activity falls on the period from 11.00 a.m. to 04.00 p. m. and it is not recommended to sunbathe at this time. It is better to spend this time on having a snack in a bar or restaurant, visiting a spa salon, shopping in a shopping center or simply relaxing in a hotel room.

So, if you follow all recommendations, you will get a beautiful suntan that won’t damage your health.

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