Sailing regatta in Pattaya is impressive!


Sailing regatta in Pattaya is impressive!

Thailand is famous throughout the world for its numerous holidays, festivals and important events, many of which eventually become international. An example of such an event is the famous sailing regatta in Pattaya. Visiting this sailing competition, you can see the unforgettable spectacle of the many yachts at sea that will amaze you with their mobility. In our article we will tell when the regatta takes place and who participates in it.

Sailing races in Pattaya

Various vessels from different countries (Russia, Malaysia, Great Britain, Singapore, Japan and many others) participate in the annual Top of the Gulf Regatta. The best boats, yachts and other vessels compete for the main prizes of the regatta in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand in Pattaya. There are the most favorable climatic conditions for swimming all year round in Pattaya (no strong wind and high waves).

For the first time the regatta was organized 13 years ago, when it was decided to combine several small competitions into one major festival. Ordinary boats, catamarans, keelboats and multi-hull yachts can participate in the race.

The regatta lasts for several days during the celebration of the Coronation Day in Thailand. All race participants compete for three major cups: “Platu” - the King’s cup, “Top of the Gulf” - the cup of the festival and “Optimist” - the champion cup among small yachts in Thailand.

This event attracts a large number of tourists who come to the competitions to support the team of their country. The regatta has been held for many years in the elite Ocean Marina Yacht Club. You can look at the participants from the stands of the yacht club or from the Jomtien beach. Visitors can swim in special boats directly to the race venue in order to have a good view of all the vessels.

Famous yacht clubs in Pattaya

Due to the organization of international sailing competitions, the Ocean Marina yacht club is the most famous club in Thailand. Many other international sailing competitions and musical events were also organized here.

Asia's largest regatta will also be held here from May 30 to April 5. All year round, guests of the club can rent a ship they like and sail in the waters of the Gulf of Siam.

You can also rent a yacht,a catamaran or even a small boat without a motor in the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. Vessels can be rented for the whole day or for several hours. If you are sailing for the first time, you can get detailed instructions on how to operate a yacht or rent a vessel with a captain.

Do not forget that renting a boat is a fairly popular entertainment in Pattaya, so it’s better to book a vessel as early as possible, especially during the tourist season.

Having visited the regatta at least once and seeing how sailing ships compete in their mobility, you will definitely want to go on a voyage and feel like a real ship captain, just like in the best adventure films and books. Sailing is one of the opportunities to discover a new world!

Austen   (13.04.2020 10:04)
I have my own yacht, I also participate in competitions. I want to see how these competitions are organized in Thailand. I’ll definitely come.

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