Sharks in Pattaya


Should we be afraid of sharks in Pattaya?

Naturally, every person who is going to spend their vacation on the ocean coast, should be wary of its inhabitants such as sharks. Pattaya is a popular resort on the coast of the Gulf of Siam, where thousands of tourists come every year. There are many rare fish and shark species in the waters of the gulf which are striking with their beauty, but not all of them are safe for humans. In our article we will tell what shark species can be found in Pattaya and whether shark attacks are possible there.

What types of sharks are found in the Gulf of Thailand

Rare species of sharks, such as whale sharks, gray sharks and leopard sharks live in the waters of the Gulf of Siam. The whale shark is one of the largest species, the length of this creature can reach up to 25 meters. This shark is found in the gulf more often than other species, but you should not be afraid of it, since it feeds only on marine plankton. Gray and leopard sharks are not so large (they can grow up to 3 meters), they feed on small marine creatures and are quite friendly to people. But to meet at least one of these types of sharks on the coast of Pattaya is almost impossible. Sharks are wary of shallow waters and are afraid of people. Therefore, there are only two opportunities to see a shark in Thailand: go on a special diving tour or visit an aquarium. And the second option will be more effective, because during scuba diving it is not guaranteed that you will see a shark.

Are shark attacks possible in Pattaya?

To find out whether to be afraid of shark attacks in Pattaya, let's learn the statistics. According to the international register of shark attacks, which is maintained at the Museum of Natural History in Florida, not a single shark attack was recorded in Pattaya.

So you can safely enjoy a beach holiday at the resort and not be terrified of the shark attacks. However, there are certain precautions that should be observed in any case, regardless of where you rest. These simple actions will reduce the risk of attack and damage to your health.

First, you mustn't swim in the open sea if there are scratches or unhealed wounds on your body. The smell of blood is a powerful irritant for sharks and can make them aggressive.

Secondly, it is better not to swim or dive in unknown secluded places. It is important to stay near other people when swimming and not to swim beyond buoys and fences, so that in case of trouble you can get help.

It is better not to choose swimsuits of bright colors with shiny elements and decorations, as the contrasting colors can draw the attention of sharks, reminding them of small fish.

Remember that sharks see well and are more active in the dark water.

Choosing a place for swimming, it is better to avoid zones for fishing or sewage, as the fish food or garbage in the water can attract sharks.

Observing these simple precautions, you can be sure of your safety and enjoy your holiday at any resort, especially in Pattaya. The chance to meet a shark on the beaches of Pattaya is almost zero, so guests of the resort can enjoy swimming in the sea without any fears.

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