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Thailand is an incredibly delicious country


Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the most delicious and sophisticated in the world. The combination of so many herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavors that somehow come together like orchestral music. Thai cooks fit spicy, sour, salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy and slippery into one dish. Thai people just love spicy food! Those dishes which may seem to us impossible to eat are absolutely normal for them.

Thai cuisine is one of the hottest in Asia. If you use a 1-10 scale to rate the spiciness of Thai meals, they will be 10! For people who are not used to such spicy food, it may be even dangerous for their health. So, if you decided to try Tom Yam for the first time, order it “not spicy”.

The spices which make Thai dishes so piquant and unusual are chilli, curry, lemongrass, galangal, tamarind, basil, etc. The Thai are also fans of various sauces such as oyster sauce, pad thai sauce, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, coconut milk sauce and many others.

The king of the main courses in Thailand is Tom Yam Kung - spicy soup with coconut milk and prawns. Chilli, which Thai use a lot in many dishes, makes Tom Yam spicy and hot.

Tom Yam is cooked in different variations - with fish or chicken, shrimps or octopus. The most popular is Tom Yam with prawns and white cup mushrooms(mushrooms) cooked in coconut milk. Thai cooks have their own recipe for Tom Kung as well.

Original Tom Yam Kung recipe:

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • sesame oil 30 ml

  • 2 chillis

  • thai fish sauce 40 ml

  • shrimp broth 400 ml

  • fresh ginger 5 cm

  • 5 galangal roots

  • lemongrass 15 g

  • 3 kaffir lime leaves

  • coconut milk 400 ml

  • 15 king prawns

  • Cooking time - 40 minutes. Served hot.

    If you are going on a tour to Bangkok, try Tom Yam in Baiyoke Sky restaurant. Many tourists say they serve one of the tastiest there.

    Som Tam is a spicy salad made with green papaya, palm sugar, garlic and fish sauce. Fish sauce is an integral igredient of many dishes. You can get it in any Thai shop and bring it home to cook Thai dishes for your family.

    Chicken curry is the third popular dish. It is adopted from Indian cuisine and like many dished is very spicy. It also has an unusual combination of ingredients - chicken, palm sugar, curry, coconut milk and fish sauce.

    Of course, these are not the only dishes which you can try in Thailand. In addition to the meals mentioned above, you can also taste Pad Thai, Mi Krob with tofu, Yam Som-O (pomelo salad), fried rice and many others at the floating market in Pattaya. What they all have in common is spices and herbs which make the dishes really unusual and exotic. When visiting Thailand, do not miss a wonderfull opportunity to learn more about the great number of spices in a shop-museum Asian Spicy Garden.

    Among popular desserts are banana pancakes with candyfloss (Roti Sai Mai) and Thai ice-cream which besides a good taste has an unusual method of cooking.

    Thai street ice-cream is made of coconut milk with various flavourings. It is prepared on a special ice-cream pan. An ice-cream man cuts and mixes all the ingredients with spatulas very quickly. Then he flattens the ice-cream on the pan and makes rolls using the same spatula. When the rolls are ready, he puts them in a cup and adds toppings - berries, fruit pieces, syrop and buscuits. Although it is sold in the street as “street food”, the ice-cream is not so cheap - from 5 dollars for a portion. But have no doubt - you will absolutely enjoy it!

    To find out the secrets of basic Thai dishes and learn to cook, you can study at Thai cooking courses.

    If you were enchanted by Thai cuisine, you can cook Tom Yam or chicken curry when you come back home from your journey. Most ingredients are available in big supermarkets. However, we recommend to get herbs, spices and fish and oyster sauces in Thailand because they are special here.

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