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The best zoos in Pattaya


The best zoos in Pattaya

Thailand is an amazing country that attracts tourists with its sandy beaches, warm sea, exotic animals and plants. Although Pattaya is a civilized city, there are a lot of places where you can admire wildlife, such as large zoos and small farms. A visit to the zoo can be entertaining and informative, as you will see many new species of animals in their natural habitat. So when travelling to Pattaya with children, you should definitely visit the local zoos. The most popular we will describe in our article.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the best zoo in Pattaya. The zoo occupies a vast territory of the national reserve, located not far from Pattaya. The nature of the reserve has remained untouched, that’s why all animals live in their habitual surroundings. There are almost no cells here. Wild animals walk freely around the zoo territory. The total area of the zoo occupies about 800 hectares of the wild jungle, so it’s almost impossible to go around all the sites on foot in one day. Visitors can move through the park on their own transport (motorbike, jeep) or on electric cars.

There are more than 8 thousand inhabitants in Khao Kheo, most of which are very rare and are listed in the Red Book. Here you may see such animals as leer deer, tapirs, meerkat, albino wallaby, binturong and many others.

You can feed most of the animals and even watch an exciting show with their participation without trainers! Local animals will surely give everyone bright memories for the whole life. So if you do not know which zoo to choose, you should definitely go to Khao Kheo.

To get to the park, you need to book a tour, individual transfer or taxi.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Sriracha Tiger Zoo is another amazing place not far from Pattaya, where you can see amazing animals. There are ideal conditions for the living of almost 500 different species of tigers at the zoo. There is also a huge crocodile farm, where more than 10 thousand crocodiles live. Kangaroos, elephants, camels and many other animals also live here. The feature of the zoo is an open-air cage with a sow feeding little tigers with milk and another with a tigress feeding piglets.

There are many other attractions in Sriracha Park, such as shows of tigers, elephants, crocodiles and even pig races. Here you can feed small tigers from a bottle or crocodiles with a stick and take a photo with them. Here you can visit a cave of scorpions with the Scorpion Queen. This amazing girl covered with scorpions will perform an exciting dance. After visiting this amazing place unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Tiger Park Pattaya

Lovers of wild cats can learn more about them in Tiger Park Pattaya. This park is an amazing place where tigers and humans live peacefully together. Therefore, local tigers of any age are very friendly to the visitors of the park and behave very peacefully. Here everyone will be able to visit the tiger cage for 15 minutes accompanied by a trainer.

Pipo Pony Club

Pipo Pony Club is an ideal place for little kids to explore animal world. Little ponies of different sizes and colors walk freely around the park. They are very friendly and always happy to have treats. Here you can ride a pony or try horse riding. Here you can see funny circus show and fire show or visit the terrarium with various reptiles. This cute ponies and other inhabitants of the club will forever remain in your heart.

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Choosing a zoo to visit in Pattaya, do not forget about several lovely farms at the resort. For example, a small but very nice sheep farm is located on the outskirts of Pattaya. Kids will love this place as here they can feed and play with such animals as lambs, donkeys, piglets, ponies, parrots, chickens and pheasants. In addition, there are many other attractions for children and adults including animal shows, a trampoline, a big wheel and a merry-go-round. The territory of the farm is decorated with numerous figures of well-known characters from old stories, so you can easily take a lot of bright photos. If you get hungry during a walk, you can use the services of the local cafes.

Of course, choosing and comparing zoos in Pattaya, each traveler is guided by his preferences. But whichever of the local zoos you visit, you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions and learn something new about the world of animals!

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