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The most interesting tours in Pattaya


The most interesting tours in Pattaya

Resorts in Thailand have been a favorite place for tourists from all over the world for many years. Pattaya is very popular among tourists due to a large number of different entertainments. It is difficult to choose the best Pattaya tours from such diversity, because it is impossible to go on at least half of the tours in one trip. For this reason many travelers return to Pattaya again and again to learn something new about this amazing place.

In this article we will tell you about the most interesting tours in Pattaya, which are definitely worth going on in the summer of 2018.

1. Kwai River tour from Pattaya


Kwai River tour is a great opportunity to hide from the heat and refresh yourself in cool water in the wild jungle. The itinerary includes visits to ancient temples, bathing in radon springs and waterfalls, a walk to the elephant village and other entertainments. Everyone can choose the program of the tour to their liking at our website.

2. Pattaya Floating Market

Floating market

You should visit the Floating Market before leaving Thailand. In this exotic place you can buy gifts and souvenirs for all friends and relatives. Here local traders sell their goods and even food directly from boats that float on the water. You can also sail to choose and buy different things. In addition to the unusual shopping there are such entertainments as snake show, a cafe, Thai boxing fights, massage, Fish spa peeling and many others. In order not to get lost and get to the market quickly, it is better to book a transfer from the hotel in advance using a special service.

3. The Magic Ice of Siam

Snow and ice in the tropics? It is incredible, but you can travel from Pattaya to the real north pole by booking a tour to the Magic Ice of Siam icy town. There you will see sculptures, slides, alleys dedicated to ancient Thai and Indian myths, a cafe and even a restaurant. All things and buildings are made of ice. At the entrance to the park you will be given a warm jacket, because the temperature in the territory reaches -10 degrees! You can also have a refreshing drink from an iced glass in the Ice Bar and break the glass for good luck.

4. Pattaya Tiger Park

Tiger Park

Tiger Park is an amazing place where you can admire friendly small and adult tigers. Striped inhabitants of the park are surrounded by love and care of local employees since early childhood, so they are very friendly to the visitors. Here you can see and take a photo with these beautiful tigers of different kinds and ages, starting from 1 month.

5. Tour to Ko Larn (Coral Island) from Pattaya

Koh Larn

Fans of beach holidays can have a good time during the tour to Coral Island and the nearby islands. Amazing sandy beaches, clear azure water and fun beach activities are waiting for you. Banana riding, foam disco on board a ship, fishing and a wonderful underwater world will give a lot of impressions.

A full list of tours with a detailed description, photos and prices is given in a special section of our website.

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