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Tips for vacationers in Pattaya


Tips for Pattaya Guests

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, which attracts travelers with its exotic nature and different entertainments. Every year more than 2 million tourists come here in search of pleasure and new sensations. Of course, local people are very friendly to foreigners, but there are some useful tips which experienced tourists are happy to share, to warn you about various inconveniences. In our article we have made a list of Top Tips, which will be useful to each guest of the resort.

Local SIM card

Experienced travelers advise to purchase a local SIM card even if you come for a short time. You will have an opportunity to call anyone or use the Internet. Mobile Internet in Thailand is quite fast and sometimes better than some Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, buying a SIM card and using it a week will cost about 200 THB. You can buy a card at any communication salon or 7-Eleven shops located throughout the resort.

Do not bring a lot of things with you

To save on luggage, you should not pack a lot of summer clothes and towels. In all hotels of any class towels are provided and almost all beaches have sun beds with mattresses. In the local markets you can always buy T-shirts, sutras, skirts and hats of good quality at very affordable prices.

You should think about sunglasses. Experienced travelers advise to take spare sunglasses with you, as the sun always shines brightly in Thailand. If something happens to your sunglasses (you lose, forget or a monkey steals them), the spare ones will be very useful.

Make a passport copy in advance

You will need copies of your passport in any case: when renting a vehicle, checking into a hotel, making visa documents or if you lose documents. Therefore, it is better to make copies in advance than to search of a copier in Pattaya after a long flight. One more important thing: you should never agree to leave your passport as a deposit. Even if someone requires a document, threaten to contact the tourist police. You can leave money and a copy of the passport as a deposit.

Choosing a restaurant

When choosing a place for dinner or lunch, keep in mind that prices depend not only on the quality of the dishes. The restaurants which are close to the coastline and are popular among tourists, always have high prices. You'd be surprised if you compare prices in a restaurant on the coast or in the city center with a restaurant which is located a little further. Prices can be 2 or 3 times cheaper and the dishes are the same or even tastier. You should definitely try the dishes of Thai cuisine, it includes delicious seafood, juicy fruits and vegetables and a lot of spices. Almost all cafes have a menu in English with pictures, so even those who do not speak the local language can easily make an order.

Favorable exchange rate

The local currency in Thailand is baht. There are many exchange offices in Pattaya where you can exchange dollars and euros. The highest exchange rate is at the airport, so it is better to change a small sum to get to the city and then look for more favorable rates in Pattaya.

Buying souvenirs

Be prepared that you will be offered to buy various goods almost everywhere: in the streets, near sights, on the beaches. It is very difficult to resist such a variety of goods and in order not to spend extra money, you can choose a day to visit Lukdod Shop and to buy souvenirs. Lukdod Shop is a popular gift shop with the lowest prices. Many merchants buy goods here and resell them in the streets. You can book a tour to Lukdod Shop at our website.

Beach holiday

Pattaya beaches, especially in the city center, are not popular among tourists because of the muddy waters of the Gulf of Siam. Therefore, many vacationers in search of white beaches and clear water go to the nearest islands.

The most popular destination is Koh Larn Island. You can get to the island by boat (300-400 THB) or ferry (30 THB) from the Bali Hai pier. The pier is located at the end of the famous Walking Street. Ferries run every hour, the last one departs from the island at 6 pm. Prices for drinks and food on the island are higher than in the city, so it’s best to take a snack with you. You can also choose and book a tour to other picturesque islands near Pattaya at our website.

Vacation in Pattaya is a good opportunity to admire the beautiful nature, plunge into authentic atmosphere of Thailand and get a lot of vivid impressions for many years!

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