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Traveling to Pattaya with a dog


Holidays in Pattaya with a dog

Of course, some tourists, who are planning a long vacation, do not want to leave their pets at home. Many travelers prefer to spend their holidays in Pattaya with a dog. However, traveling abroad with an animal is a very complex process that requires serious preparation. In our article we will give useful advices how to travel Pattaya with a dog.

Necessary documentation

Traveling to Thailand is almost impossible without air flights, so you will need to collect all the necessary documentation for the transportation of the animal. In order to bring a dog to Pattaya you will need the following documents:

- veterinary passport;

- international certificate for the export of an animal from your country;

- certificate of pet registration in the veterinary service of the airport in Thailand. Remember that you will be asked to indicate the address where you plan to stay, so it's better to choose a hotel in advance.

Before leaving Thailand with a dog you’ll have to apply to the airport veterinary service with all documents a few days before departure. The vet will examine the dog and it will be ready for departure.

Preparing a pet for traveling

All animals have to stay in special containers during the flight which can cause a great stress for them. So it is better to prepare a pet for travelling in advance.

First, you should accustom the dog to its container, so it will be better to buy the container for transportation in advance.

Before buying the container, you should carefully learn the requirements of the airline, which services you plan to use, because each company has its own transportation rules. Just before flying, it is better to give light food and little water. You can add some sedatives to the animal's food. It is necessary to lay out a diaper in the container.

Choice of a hotel

Of course, the Thais love animals including dogs, but not all the hotels are pet friendly.

For example, the Mercure Pattaya Hotel allows to stay with animals, but you will have to pay for each one about 200-500 baht per day. This multi-storey hotel is located in the city center near the Walking Street and Avenue shopping center, but there is calm and cozy atmosphere in the complex. The complex includes its own swimming pool, fitness room and billiards, as well as restaurants of Thai, Chinese and Italian cuisines.

Rabbit Resort Hotel Complex located on the Dongtan beach is an ideal place for families with children and animals. The complex consists of bungalow-houses designed in the style of aThai village. Exotic plants, two swimming pools and convenient transport system are the main advantages of the complex. For staying with the animal you will have to pay 600 baht per day.

Apartment Grand Condo is a multi-storey hotel, where tourists usually stay for a long time. The complex provides many services for an affordable price including a swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, a gym and a playground. For pets you will need to pay an extra fee.

Ibis Pattaya Hotel does not charge an extra fee for animals. The hotel is located in the northern part of the city next to the beach, shops and nightclubs. The rooms are not very big, but comfortable and decorated in a hi-tech style. There is a playground for children and a Thai restaurant at the territory of the complex.

Central Pattaya Garden Resort, also located in the north of the city, attracts many tourists with its unique design. Here you can admire a large number of frescoes, statues, wooden walls and exotic plants. The hotel is situated near the beach, the Big C and the Central Festival shopping centers. Prices are not very high, but you will need to pay a extra fee for pets.

Austen   (23.04.2020 14:10)
I really want to take my dog on vacation, but it is very difficult and expensive, so I will leave her with my parents for a short time.

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