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Urban transport in Pattaya


What kind of transport can use in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a popular tourist center in Thailand with a well-developed infrastructure. Transport in Pattaya is also well developed, so the residents and guests of the resort can get anywhere easily. For those who are in Thailand for the first time, a trip by a local mototaxi, tuk-tuk or songteo can be a little adventure with new impressions.

Long-distance travel

Thousands of passengers travel from bus terminals in Pattaya every day. There are regular buses to Bangkok, Korat, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket and neighboring islands. You can learn more about the map of Pattaya bus stations, bus schedules or buy a bus ticket at the bus station’s website. Minivans from private transport companies also travel throughout the city.

The most comfortable way to travel over long distances, for example, to the airport, is to book a transfer. A comfortable car will pick you up from the hotel or another place at the appointed time and take you to your destination. You can book a transfer at our website, you just need to fill out a booking form.

Urban transport

The most popular and cheapest kind of urban transport in Pattaya is a songteo. Small pickups with two benches in the back regularly drive along the main streets of the city, including Walking Street, and stop near hypermarkets and entertainment centers. The fare is 10 baht per person.

If you need to get to a certain place where songteos don't go, you can take a tuk-tuk. These pickups with benches work as a taxi and can take you to any address in the city or suburbs. The fare starts from 100 baht (depending on time and distance). Up to 10 people can drive in one tuk-tuk, so the trip for the whole family or a group of friends will be very cheap. You can find tuk-tuks near all popular tourist places including beaches, markets and shopping centers.

The fastest and perhaps the most extreme kind of urban transport in Pattaya is mototaxis. Motorcycle drivers take their passengers to the right place quickly and deftly, bypassing all traffic jams. Mototaxis can be found throughout the city, even in non-touristic places. Free motorbike drivers can honk passersby, offering their services. For ridding about 1.5-2 kilometers you will have to pay 30-50 baht. Do not forget that taxi drivers in Pattaya try to overcharge so that to earn as much as possible. So you can easily bargain and ask for a discount.

There is also a more classical taxi in Pattaya: a car with air conditioning. Blue-yellow cars with the “Taxi” signs are always parked near shopping centers. The fare is calculated by a special meter, which the driver turns on when you get into the car.

If urban transport doesn’t suit you, you can rent a motorbike or a car. There are a lot of rent offices In Pattaya, where you can rent different cars at different prices. You can also book a motorbike or a car online at special websites even before your arrival to Pattaya.

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