Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden - a tour for brave travelers


Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden - a tour for brave travelers

Buddhist temples and monasteries always amaze everyone with their grandeur and beauty in Thailand. Ancient architecture, various statues of Buddha and other gods, bright wall drawings, beautiful landscapes around are the main attributes of almost every temple. But there is a special place not far from Pattaya that will surely surprise you and will be remembered for a long time - Wang Saen Suk. This place is better known as Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, as most of the territory of the complex is devoted to the theme of the afterlife. Here you can see what awaits the sinners and those who led a righteous life after the death. The temple of Hell and Paradise in Pattaya reminds an open-air museum. There are a lot of colorful sculptures that show various scenes from the other world in the garden of the complex.

Heaven and hell

The territory of the complex is divided into 2 zones: hell and heaven. Most part is occupied by the Hell zone and this sight is not for those who are easily impressed. Here the sculptures show suffering and agony of the sinners after death. Some compositions are so real and frightening that sensitive people will feel uneasy. You will see the figures of sinners who are boiling in a cauldron, scenes of burning on a fire alive or hanging in front of the crowd, cutting off some parts of the body. And those who did harm to animals and plants can be turned into some beast in hell. The central composition of the hell zone includes huge sculptures of a man and a woman of a very unpleasant appearance. They are surrounded by animal figures, each of which means a certain sin.

In the Paradise zone, the picture is absolutely the opposite. There are figures of the Buddha and the righteous people who practice meditation in the beautiful flowering garden. There is also a very picturesque pond with fish and turtles. After enjoying the beauty around, you can feed the animals in the pond, food is sold here. In the Paradise zone, you can also do good deeds to improve your karma. For example, you can buy a bird in a cage and release it or leave a donation near the sculpture. You can also buy there cute souvenirs and symbolic figures.

How to get there

Thailand Hell Horror Park is located in Bang Saen city in 40 kilometers from Pattaya. The complex is open daily from 08:00 to 19:00. Experienced travelers advise to attend the temple on weekdays, as there are many visitors at weekends. In addition to the temple, Bang Saen is famous for its excellent beaches, which are also popular among tourists. You can use the transfer to get to the temple from Pattaya. The fastest and most comfortable way is to take a taxi, which will cost about 500-600 baht for one-way trip, so it will be cheaper to go by a company of 4 people. A visit to Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden is included in the popular Discovery tour, during which you can visit the most important religious and historical sights of Pattaya. Some tour companies offer a tour only to this temple complex, which will cost 500 baht per person.

Be sure, a visit to Wang Saen Suk will leave a lot of vivid impressions, which you will definitely want to share with your friends and family.

Brandon   (16.04.2020 15:59)
The photos scared me a little, but I really want to come to your country and see this temple.

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