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What is the best season for visiting Pattaya?


What is the best season for visiting Pattaya?

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, which is famous for its active nightlife. In a few decades a small fishing village on the shores of the Gulf of Siam has turned into a world-class tourist center. Millions of tourists from different countries come here in search of exotic and carefree holidays.When choosing a seson to visit Pattaya, you should pay attention to some factors.

Tourist season

There are a lot of different entertainments for tourists in Pattaya. Shopping, tours, restaurants, evening shows, night clubs, bars and many other activities will give you unforgettable impressions. The resort has a lot of entertainments for children and family couples.

The peak of tourist activity in Pattaya falls on the dry season (from November to March), when the rains end and the sun begins to shine brightly. During this period, the streets and beaches of the resort are filled with crowds of visitors, the demand for hotels and tickets increases significantly. In order to save your money, it is better to book flights and hotels in advance (not later than in 2 months).

In the period from April to October (in the rainy season), the number of tourists decreases and prices for hotels become more affordable. Because of frequent rains at this time, the air humidity noticeably increases, so if you have certain health problems, it is better to plan your trip to Pattaya during the high season.

Beach holiday

Although the coast of Pattaya is not crystal clean, there is a large selection of beach activities. Nice summer cafes and bars, water and beach sports will brighten up your vacation. Those who wish to sunbathe on white sand and swim in the clean sea water can go to the neighboring islands by boat or ferry. All year round, the water temperature in Pattaya does not fall below 270, but during the rainy season the sea becomes stormy because of the monsoons. However, during this period there is an opportunity to go surfing.The waves can reach up to 3 metres high.

Pattaya is a place of eternal celebration and endless fun. Whenever you come here, there are always international festivals or national holidays held. Holiday in Pattaya will definitely leave bright impressions and will be remembered for many years.

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