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What night show in Pattaya is worth a visit?


What night show in Pattaya is worth a visit?

Pattaya is famous all over the world for its active and interesting nightlife with a large number of night shows, clubs, discos, bars and restaurants. Visiting any night show in Pattaya, you will get a lot of bright emotions and positive energy for the whole evening. Such impressions are beyond words or photos, so to choose which show in Pattaya is better, you need to see them.

Transvestite Show

Transvestite shows are very popular in Thailand, because it is difficult to find such exotics at home. Most tourists mistakenly expect explicit scenes from such shows, but in reality they are colorful theatrical performances with talented actors.

For example, Colosseum Transvestite Show will amaze you with its grandeur and beauty even at the entrance. The theater building is designed in a form of the ancient Rome's Colosseum and can hold up to 1000 viewers. This is the most incredible cabaret show in Thailand, which impresses with fabulous costumes, actors' talent, scenery, music and lighting effects. The performances are directed by a world famous choreographer Mr. Wichai Swaecheen. 75 minutes of charming dances, 14 different theatrical compositions and a magical mood for the whole evening are waiting for you.

The popular Pattaya Alcazar Cabaret Show has been giving performances since 1981 and was very much loved by tourists from all over the world. The main idea of the show is a celebration of beauty and grace. Beautiful dancers, bright costumes, expensive decorations, loud music, dancing and humor. You will be greatly surprised to find out that there is not a single woman in the show.

The legendary Tiffany Show in Pattaya was the first transvestite cabaret in Thailand. Only 3 artists performed in a small studio in 1974, which immediately appealed to the audience. Over the years, the show has grown to a popular theater with more than 100 actors. The show will tell you about the history of Siam and the details of the Chinese emperor’s government. You will also see traditional dances of different nations and parodies of world’s and Asia’s famous stars.

If you want to visit an exotic show for adults, then you should visit the Big Eye show and 69 show in Pattaya. You will not see such performance anywhere, even on the Internet, as it is strictly forbidden to take photos and videos in such clubs. The artists of the Big Eye show will amaze you with their bodies in acrobatic tricks, pole dancing and intriguing tricks. 69 Show is a real shock and extreme that you should experience at least once in your life. Artists of the show demonstrate their body in all its glory and contact with the audience actively. Emotions from such shows are difficult to describe in words, you can only experience them.

Magic shows

Except entertaining cabarets and dances, there is an opportunity to plunge into the world of magic in Pattaya.

The newest Kaan Hybrid Show has no analogues in the whole world. You will see an incredible combination of special effects, movies and live games of talented actors in this show. The young man Kaan is the main character of the performance who goes to the magical world to collect all parts of a mysterious key. There are various monsters and fairy-tale characters on his way that he will have to fight. This action captures you from the first minute and will keep you in suspense and admiration all 90 minutes of the show.

Tuxedo Illusion Hall in Pattaya will make you believe in miracle and magic. Incredible tricks of magicians with levitation, cutting, guillotine and much more will broaden your mind. Charming magician assistants, jazz music, Vegas-style performances will give you a good mood for the whole evening. If you also want to become a magician, you should visit the special store and the illusion museum on the first floor of the building where you will find everything you need for your first magic tricks.

Thai boxing

In Pattaya you have a unique opportunity to see the fights on the ancient martial art of Muay Thai, which appeared several centuries ago. At that time, only the best warriors and monarchs were taught this art. However, at the end of the twentieth century Thai fighters confidently declared themselves to the whole world, defeating opponents from Europe and Asia. A special feature of Muay Thai is the dance of the fighter in honor of the coach and a special prayer before the fight. Anyone who wishes to see this bright fight of free and courageous fighters can book a tour at our website

Staying in Pattaya and spending evenings in a hotel room will be a crime, as the night shows will impress everyone with their exotics and give bright impressions for the whole life. It is easy to find out the actual ticket prices and to book a tour to any show in Pattaya at our website.

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