Which resort is better: Phuket or Pattaya


Battle of resorts

Thailand is an ideal country for holidays. The soft sunny climate, clear sea with white sand, ancient culture, jungles with exotic inhabitants attract travelers from all over the world. Everyone who decided to go to Thailand for the first time often faces the problem of choosing a resort.

Pattaya and Phuket are the most popular Thai resorts. On the one hand, these two resorts have got similarities, on the other hand, they are very different. It is better to learn some information about each resort so that to choose the best one.

Climate and ecology

Thailand has tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons. The climate during the dry season is more favorable in Pattaya. It can be raining only once or twice a month and the sun always shines brightly here.

Rains may be more frequent during the dry season in Phuket. Of course, the weather can change and be sometimes unpredictable. But the air is much cleaner in Phuket. The vast territory of the island is covered with forests and jungles, so the air is full of oxygen. Pattaya is full of many buildings and plants and trees are hardly left in its territory.

Beaches and sea

Clean water and beaches may play an important role in choosing a resort for the most travelers.If we talk about the purity of water in the sea, then Phuket will be the best. This resort is famous for its large number of beaches with warm clear water. You can even see fish and crabs on the sea bottom. Everyone can find the beach to their liking in Phuket including popular and "party" places and quiet family resort.

Unfortunately, the water is dirtier and the choice of beaches is much smaller in Pattaya. A large number of people and water activities on motor vehicles contribute to water pollution. It will be better to go  to the nearby islands by boat. There you will find the clean sea water and white sand.

Tours and attractions

Pattaya is full of different attractions for every taste. Fans of exotic flora and fauna can go to  Khao Keo Zoo, elephant village or the Madame Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. To learn about Thai culture and religion and its ancient architecture you can go on tours to the Temple of Truth, or to the ancient capital of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, or to the cultural center of the country Chiang Mai. You can go shopping to a local floating market or to the nearby city - Bangkok. There is a wide selection of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and show programs in Pattaya.

In Phuket, you will enjoy a more relaxing holiday with visits to natural attractions, such as picturesque lakes or waterfalls.


Both resorts are rich in entertainments. The entertainment center of Pattaya is situated in Walking Street. There you will find night clubs, discos, restaurants, exotic shows and go-go bars. In Phuket, party people can go to Bangla Road, which is located in Patong. Phuket is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling. Everyone can go on a banana ride, water skiing or paragliding at the beaches of both resorts.


Phuket is one of the most expensive resorts of Thailand. Of course, here you can find hotels of different price categories, but the traveling around the island by taxi can cost a tidy sum.

The level of prices in cafes, hotels, beaches is lower in Pattaya. So the number of tourists is much bigger. Here all tourists go by public transport, which has a funny name tuk-tuk. The price for one trip is only 10 baht. You can go to shopping centers Central Festival, Royal Garden, Harbor in Pattaya, where there are often good sales.


Naturally, there is no right answer to the question: "Which resort is better: Phuket or Pattaya?".

Pattaya will especially appeal to travelers with a limited budget, fans of night parties and those who want to learn the cultural heritage of the country. The main advantages of the resort are low prices and a huge selection of tours and entertainment programs. But the pollution of sea water, a large flow of tourists and a limited number of beaches can spoil your holiday.

Phuket is an ideal place for family and beach holidays and for lovers of wild nature. The main advantages of the resort are the clean environment and lack of crowds of tourists. The main disadvantages are a higher price level and a less active nightlife.

Anyway, a holiday in Thailand will give you an unforgettable experience and a great vacation.

Adriana   (16.04.2020 16:02)
I rested only in Pattaya, I do not know what kind of vacation in Phuket. I only know one thing I had a great holliday.

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