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The most interesting activities

Everyone knows that Pattaya is the most popular resort of Thailand, which has a wide range of entertainment and services that will make the holiday exciting and interesting. Extreme entertainment in Pattaya is actively developing so fans of thrills won’t be bored here. In this article we have collected for you Top 5 the most interesting and extreme activities in the resort.

Flight in air or over water

Pattaya is an amazing place where all dreams come true. For example, you can go paragliding and fly in the sky like a bird. An experienced pilot will take you up and show how beautiful the city is from a bird's eye view. The flight lasts 15 minutes and gives a powerful adrenaline rush.

Those who have always dreamed of flying over the sea can try the flyboard. Flyboard is a professional equipment in the form of a board that lifts you above the sea surface due to the reactive force of a powerful water flow. Before the flight everyone has a detailed briefing with the coach. The rise lasts 20 minutes and you can also order video shooting.


Perhaps the most popular extreme entertainment in Pattaya is diving because the rich underwater world of the Gulf of Siam attracts tourists from different countries. There is a wide choice of tours with different programs and difficulty levels: from beginners to professionals. The price of the tour includes: full equipment, the services of an experienced instructor, a sea trip to the dive site and a delicious lunch. And although diving is considered an extreme entertainment, the tour organizers guarantee 100% safety. All participants are well instructed and trained in shallow water and only after that they dive to the depth. You can also order photo and video shooting so that to remember the beauty of the seabed and the emotions that have been received for the rest of your life.

Those people who are scared of scuba diving can try snorkeling. Impressions from such exploring of the underwater world will be no less vivid. You can take special 2-3 day courses to become professional divers and receive a certificate quoted by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

ATV driving

ATV riding in Pattaya is an activity for courageous travelers. You will have an opportunity to feel the power of the engine 150 cubic cm or 300 cubic cm and conquer the impassable lands. Before the trip you’ll have a driving training with the instructor. Minimumage - 16 y.o.

During the tour you can get to places which you can not reach on foot or by taxi such as tropical jungle or a huge fruit plantation. The tours also include a trip to the Phra Maha Mondop Temple or the Wat Yang Temple complex. During the riding you will have a stop near the lake where you can swim and refresh. So it's better to bring a swimsuit and sunscreen.

Bungy jumping

Bungy jumping will give a feeling of absolute freedom, like a bird flying in the air. This kind of extreme activity is very popular In Pattaya, there are two kinds of jumping: from height and from Slingshot.

The Bungy Jump is an opportunity to feel adrenaline from a free fall from a height of 60 meters which is equal to the height of a 20-storey building! Not everyone will dare to do it, but if he does, he will get a powerful adrenaline rush. The organizers will also grant a personal certificate, which will indicate the date and the height of the jump. The daredevil is brought by the elevator at the top of the cliff and a rubber band is attached to his legs. The staff also asks to get all the things out of the pockets and take off the shoes. And if it is difficult for you to make a step into infinity, the staff will help you with a slight push in the back.

On the Human Slingshot you can feel yourself as the character of the popular game Angry Birds. And in fact, the device reminds a huge slingshot that shoots with people. The person is fastened up to two cables which are pulled back about 40 m and then released. As a result, a person flies about 90 meters with an incredible speed of up to 150 km / h.

Despite the fact that entertainment seems pretty frightening, all equipment is absolutely safe. The only thing that can prevent you from jumping is your inner instinct of self-preservation. So it's better to think seriously and get ready for such step because if you change your mind just before the jump, the money will not be returned to you.

Paintball and airsoft

If you and your friends prefer active entertainment, then paintball will be an ideal choice. A wide selection of programs with different zones, weapons and shells will allow everyone to choose an activity to their liking. Locations are equipped with a multitude of trenches, tunnels and buildings, so the battle will be interesting and exciting. Also there are special programs for young players from 6 years old. Your company will have a great time in the paintball park fighting at the real battlefield.

The full list of tours and their prices is given at our website.

Ashton   (16.04.2020 16:00)
In December, we rested in Pattaya and jumped from a bungee, scary, but the adrenaline after the jump is huge. Now I feel like a hero.

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