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Facts about Pattaya

Interesting facts about Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, which is famous all over the world for its active nightlife, historical sights and beautiful views. What secrets does this magical city keep, we will try to find out by listing interesting facts about Pattaya.

Water attractions leader

If a lazy vacation on the beach is not for you, then welcome to Pattaya! Here, in addition to standard water skis and bananas, there is a wide variety of water activities: yachting, windsurfing, sailing, parasailing and, of course, diving. There are a lot of beautiful places with colorful flora and fauna in the Gulf of Thailand.

Great place for shopping

Although Bangkok is the shopping center of Thailand, the largest shopping center in Asia is located in Pattaya. The area of ​​the Central Festival Mall is more than 30 thousand square meters; here you can buy everything you need. Thousands of boutiques, playgrounds, a cinema, a food court and other entertainments await their visitors. The main highlight of the shopping center is a beautiful view of the resort's beaches from the rooftop.

The capital of beer bars

Few people know that Pattaya may well compete with English and German cities in the number of beer bars, there are about 2000 of them! Beer bars are located throughout the city and according to expert estimates, it will take several years to visit each of them!

Water is not clear

The resort has no central water supply, so tap water is not clean and dangerous to use. It is better to use bottled water; water vending machines are located throughout the city.

Unique Museum of Bottle Art

There is the world's only Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya. Here you can see the skillful work of masters who created miniature copies of world sights and put them in bottles. Museum visitors can not only admire the unusual exhibits, but also try their hand at bottle art.

From an ordinary village to a popular resort

It's hard to believe that only 40 years ago, the resort was an ordinary fishing village with deserted beaches. The city began to grow in the 1980s due to the nearby US military units and is still actively developing.

Pattaya and Bangkok are connected by one street

Sukhumvit Road is the longest street in Asia which is located in Thailand, its length exceeds 488 km. The street passes through the whole Kingdom, including the distance from Pattaya to Bangkok about 150 km. Moving along Sukhumvit Road you can easily reach all the popular cities and towns of the Kingdom.

Golf capital

Surprisingly, such sport as golf is very popular in Pattaya. There are 23 golf fields of various sizes and classes, including world famous golf clubs such as Laem Chabang or Siam Country Club. If to play golf every weekend on a new field, then it will take you more than six months to visit all the clubs in Pattaya.

These are not all the interesting facts about Pattaya, it is better to come here and see everything with your own eyes. Holidays in Pattaya will give you vivid impressions for a whole life!

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