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Parks and Sports Grounds in Pattaya


Description of the most popular parks and sports grounds in Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular tourist resort, so the streets of the city are always crowded and noisy. However, if you are planning to stay in Pattaya for a long time, it will be useful to know about the places where you can relax from the city hustle and bustle. In our article we will tell about the most popular sports grounds and parks in Pattaya.

Youth Center Park

The Youth Recreation and Sports Center is located on Soi Wat Bun Street in Jomtien district. There are the largest children's and sports grounds in Pattaya. Visitors of the park can play basketball, volleyball, badminton or football, ride bicycles, rollerblades. There are also special courts for the Asian Sulanburi game, which reminds volleyball, but the players kick the ball with their feet. So it’s very interesting to watch players' high jumps. Professional jogging tracks run throughout the territory of the park. Visitors can hide from strong sun rays on nice benches in the shade of trees. The park is quite peaceful and quiet, this is a great place to practice yoga in Pattaya.

Buddha park

This beautiful park is located on the Buddha hill - the highest point of the city. The complex includes walking serpentine paths, a playground, sports equipment and a central park in the Chinese style. Here you can play sports, play with children and just enjoy the opening views of the city during a walk. The territory of the park is decorated with beautiful ponds and benches for rest.

Siam Country Club

Siam Country Club is a large golf club in Pattaya. Beside playing golf here, you can also take a walk through the park, admire the local landscapes and learn a lot of new things. There are a lot of unusual exhibits in the vast territory of the park. Here you can see Sian Motors equipment such as locomotives, airplanes, rare cars, and buildings in the national Thai style. It will be interesting to visit the park for both adults and children. The club is located next to the Three Kingdoms Park in the Chonburi District.

There are also some parks in Pattaya, where you can walk and see something unusual, get a lot of positive impressions.

Crocodile Farm & Million Years Stone Park

In this wonderful park, which is located near Pattaya, you can admire the ancient stones and visit the crocodile farm. The unique collection of ancient stones was collected by a local entrepreneur during 20 years. He managed to find and bring stones of organic and volcanic origin of various ages, colors and shapes. Some stones remind sculptures which were crafted by nature or by professional masters. Amazing petrified trees, which are more than a million years old, will surprise you for sure. There are also benches, exotic plants and a picturesque pond with an artificial waterfall in the center of the park.

Walking through the park will be a lot of fun. To get to the park, you should drive down Sukhumvit Street to get to the Bangkok highway, then you can follow the signs. You can also book a tour at our website and get to the place quickly and comfortably.

Love Art Park

The exotic Park of Love was opened in 2015 and became famous all over the world. The territory of the park is decorated with beautiful and unusual sculptures. Korean sculptor Son Seo and his team worked on these masterpieces. In their works, the sculptors wanted to touch on different topics: features of the human body, problems in relationships and the importance of spiritual values. Visitors can watch, touch and even climb each sculpture to take bright photos. The park is also decorated with beautiful plants, fountains and a lake. Visitors can have a snack in the cafe and hide from the sun under the numerous street umbrellas.

To get to the park, you should drive along Sukhumvit road in the direction of the Ambassador City Hotel.

Walking through the parks of Pattaya is a great option to have fun and improve health. Recreation or sports in the fresh air will charge you with energy and strength for exploring this amazing city further.

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