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Holiday in Pattaya in May


Pattaya in early May will meet you with a hot

Despite the fact that the rainy season in Thailand begins in May, many tourists prefer to come here on vacation in this time. Pattaya is also very popular during this period. Many tourists are happy to spend May holidays here. So holiday in Pattaya in May has many advantages.


As the low season begins in May, it rains more often at this time of the year. According to statistics there are about 13 rainy days in this month. But the rains don't last long and have a refreshing effect. The sun rays in May are very strong, the air temperature does not drop below +33 C degrees at daytime and +26 C degrees at night. You should definitely have a sunscreen and a raincoat. Pattaya in early May will meet you with a hot, stuffy and damp weather.


The main advantage of traveling to Pattaya in May 2018 is a lower price level than during the active tourist season from December to February. The prices for hotels and tickets are lower about 50% in May. It is better to book airline tickets and hotel rooms in advance.


Pattaya is famous for its wide selection of entertainment programs and tours. All programs are available all year round, even during the rainy season. Those who want to learn the spiritual culture can go on a tour of Buddhist temples, for example, visit the Sanctuary of Truth or the Wat Yan Complex.

The resort has many places to go with the children: the Khao Kheo Zoo, the Ramayana and the Cartoon Network Amazone water parks, the aquarium and the dolphinarium, the 3D Art in Paradise Gallery, the Million-year-old Stones Park and many other places.

Those who prefer extreme entertainments can ride elephants, go diving, snorkeling or ride a cable car. Nightlife in Pattaya is also interesting. Here you will find a huge selection of evening shows, including a transvestite show and Muay Thai boxing fights. A large number of exotic bars on the famous Walking Street are ready to entertain guests all night long.

Beach holiday

May is a great time for a quiet beach holiday in Pattaya, the beaches are not crowded. The water in the sea is very warm (up to +28 C degrees), but muddy because of strong winds. You can enjoy an active beach holiday: banana riding, water skiing or windsurfing.


Sailing competitions are held in Pattaya in the first days of May, in which local residents and foreign guests take part. A huge number of beautiful yachts compete in speed and maneuverability. Sailing regatta is an interesting competition and a delightful sight for guests.

Also in May, the Thais celebrate one of the most important Buddhist holidays - Visakha Bucha. The date of the celebration is determined according to the lunar calendar, but it mostly falls on the second half of the month. Visakha Bucha is a state religious holiday dedicated to the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. It is forbidden to work and drink alcohol on this day. Throughout the city, the buildings are decorated with religious flags and most bars are closed.

On this day the Thais visit the temples, meditate and listen attentively to the instructions of the monks. In the evening the Thais make a procession around the temples with flowers.

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