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Pattaya Elephant Village


Riding Elephants at the Pattaya Elephant Village

Riding elephants is one of the most popular entertainments in Thailand, as the elephant is the main symbol of the Kingdom. There are a lot of places in Pattaya where you can see these beautiful animals, such as Nong Nooch Garden, a crocodile farm, a million-year-old stone park, Karen long-necked women’s village and during a tour to the Kwai River. You can also meet drovers with elephants near popular tourist sights.

The best place where you can most closely contact with elephants is the Pattaya Elephant Village, which we will describe in our article.

 Pattaya Elephant Villgae

Pattaya Elephant Village

There are several elephant villages in Pattaya, but the most famous among tourists is Pattaya Elephant Village. In 1973 this village used to be a shelter for disabled or sick elephants, which local residents cared for.

Tourists can visit the village every day from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Entrance ticket will cost 699 baht. All money received from tourists go to care for the elephants, as the government does not subsidize this shelter.

Pattaya Elephant Village is located in 10 kilometers from Pattaya, you can easily get there by tuk-tuk, your own transport or book a tour.

Elephant show

The elephant show at the Pattaya Elephant Village is a unique spectacle. Local "artists" will amaze you by riding cars, playing basketball and football. Talented elephants even paint pictures and play musical instruments. Even little elephants are actively involved in the presentation and communicate with the public. They can help you to wear a panama or to amuse you with their dance. Brave visitors can even try an elephant-massage.

Here you can also see how elephants work: they lift, carry and stack the logs. Village guests can even see the process of catching wild elephants.

Elephant Riding

Another reason to visit the village is elephant riding. Here you will be offered a large selection of walks with different routes and duration. For example, you can choose a one-hour jungle tour which includes a visit to the Silk House and riding a jeep. If you want to swim with elephants, you can go on a three-hour jungle tour, which also includes a visit to the Silk House, a riding in carts with buffalo and a ferry across the lake. Unusual swimming with an elephant guarantees you a lot of positive emotions, because this beautiful animal will refresh you with his trunk.

Elephant riding is quite calm and safe, but during the descent from a hill it is better to hold tight. 3 people can ride an elephant: one driver on the neck and two riders on a special bench on the back. You can buy bananas to feed your elephant on the way. We advise you to take a camera with you to take bright photos while walking. Elephant riding in Pattaya is a unique experience, which will leave memories for a whole life!

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