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Re-entry permit in Pattaya


How to get re-entry permit in Pattaya?

Thailand is a beautiful country which is very popular among tourists. The warm climate, exotic plants and animals, delicious food and affordable prices create ideal conditions for relaxing and living in the Kingdom. Although the Thais are very friendly to tourists, there are strict immigration regulations. Citizens of most countries will need a visa to stay in Thailand. You will need to make a visa to Thailand in advance, at the Thai embassy in your homeland. You can also use the services for obtaining and extending a visa at our website, if you are already in Thailand.

A visa can be single entry or multiple entry, depending on the number of trips. As soon as you leave Thailand, a single entry visa expires, even if its term has not expired yet. However, most of tourists want to see the neighboring countries during their rest in Thailand and come back to the Kingdom. In that case, it will be useful to learn how to get re-entry permit in Thailand. A re-entry permit will allow you to leave the Kingdom and return without canceling a single entry visa.

Main facilities of re-entry permit

Re-entry permit in Thailand is a special stamp in the passport which allows you to leave the country and return officially. The main thing to remember is that a re-entry stamp does not extend the term of a visa, its expiration date is also indicated on the stamp. For example, if your visa expires in 10 days, you spent 3 days in another country and returned, then your visa will be valid for the remaining 7 days.

A single re-entry permit allows you to leave once, and a multiple one allows to go abroad several times. Even if you have put a single stamp and then plan a new trip, you can put a stamp again, there are no restrictions on their number.

How to get a re-entry?

To get this permit, you need to contact the immigration office and provide some documents. You will need:

To fill in the re-entry form

To provide the passport and its copy (the validity of which must be at least six months)

To provide original and copy of migration card

To make your photo (4 * 6 cm)

To pay a fee (1000 baht for a single permit, 3,800 baht for a multiple)

In case you have another type of visa (not tourist), you may need additional documents. For example, permission from the school is needed for student visa holders.

Pattaya Immigration Office

The immigration office is located in the center of Jomtien at Soi 5 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road, next to the 5th Jomtien Hotel. The office is open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, a break from 01.00 to 02.00 pm. In order to take a queue, you need to take a ticket at the entrance.

You can also get a re-entry permit at the airport before departure. Immigration offices are located in the departure zone, but it is not a reliable way to get a stamp. After all, it is difficult to predict how long the paperwork will take and you can be late for your flight.

Re-entry permit will allow you to abide with the immigration rules legally and save on the purchase of multiple-entry visas. With this stamp you will be able to leave and return to Thailand several times having a single entry visa.

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