Viewpoints in Pattaya


Viewpoints in Pattaya

Pattaya is a beautiful city with many picturesque landscapes. Many tourists visit Viewpoints in Pattaya to see all the interesting places from a height and take bright photos. In our article we will tell about the most popular viewpoints in Pattaya.

Phratamnak Hill

Phratamnak Hill is the most popular viewpoint of the city and its highest point. A picturesque view of the city center and the Phratamnak District opens from the hill. This place is equipped with everything you need: benches, gazebos and tents with street food. Here you can also visit a small Chinese-style temple and a monument to Admiral Jumborn. The Thais respect the admiral as a founder of a modern naval base. There is a cozy coffee shop near the monument, where you can enjoy a tasty hot drink and admire the beautiful view of the city. You can get to the hill by a tuk-tuk, a rented car, a motorbike or a taxi.

Viewpoint near the big Pattaya letters

Huge letters “PATTAYA” were installed on the Phratamnak Hillside. There is also a viewpoint near these letters, which is becoming popular among tourists. This viewpoint is located lower than the top of the hill, so you can see the city center and Bali Hai Pier in more detail. Visitors can just relax on comfortable benches and enjoy the view. You can take excellent photos in the background of the huge letters “PATTAYA”.

Big Buddha Temple

One more observation platform is located next to the Big Buddha temple. A beautiful view of the Jomtien district, Tappraya street and the Pattaya Park Tower opens from here. Here you can also admire the huge golden Buddha statue which is surrounded by small Buddha statues in various poses. This temple is located on the Pratumnak hill.

Wat Yang Temple

Wat Yang temple is located 15 kilometers from Pattaya. The complex includes a viewpoint with a picturesque view of the lake, the sea and green forest. While visiting the temple you should definitely visit this viewpoint. To get to the temple, you need to move to the south by the Sukhumvit highway. You can also book a tour at our website and get to the place with comfort.

Pattaya Park Hotel

There is a beautiful observation deck on the roof of the 55-storey hotel with a 360 degrees panorama. From here you can admire views of Jomtien and Dong Tan beaches, entertainment and water parks. The playground is equipped with tables, benches, sofas, telescopes and even a small cafe. Fans of outdoor activities can ride a funicular or slide down from a height on a rope. The tower of the hotel can be seen from afar, you can reach it by tuk-tuk, which drives in the direction of Jomtien.

Viewpoints in Pattaya should become a must-see point in the route of every tourist. This is a great opportunity to admire the city, take colorful photos, relax and have fun.

Noah   (11.04.2020 18:06)
I have already been to Pattaya 3 times, until I have seen everything, just a lot of interesting things. This time I visited these places: Big Buddha Temple, Wat Yan Temple. Good programs.

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