What to do in Pattaya during the rain?


The most interesting ones

Rainy and dry seasons are determined by the tropical climate of Thailand. The climate is very favorable in Pattaya. The weather is sunny and warm but it may rain several times a month. And although rains in Pattaya are not so strong you’ll have to postpone your beach holidays for this time. Nevertheless you should not stay in the hotel room because there are many things you can do in Pattaya during the rain. We will describe the most interesting ones in this article.

1. To enjoy Thai massage

An excellent solution will be to visit one of the many spa salons where you can relax. Moreover you can order a free transfer from the hotel to such salons as 7 Spa Luxury Pattaya, Oasis Spa, SPA Silavadee, Orchid Spa.

In these luxurious salons you can have any kind of massage: traditional Thai massage, head massage, foot massage, massage with herbal bags, massage with aroma oils or hot stones and many others. You can order a package of services which includes massage and body care, face care, hair care, natural scrubs, masks, gels and sauna. Thai massage can be called one of the "attractions" of the country. Ancient techniques with modern developments will help you to relax and improve your health. After spending only a couple of hours in the salon, you can feel 10 years younger.

2. To go shopping

Rainy weather is the best time for buying souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends. For example, jewelry stores Gems Gallery and World Gems Collection sell unique jewelry with precious stones. Thailand is also famous for its exotic leather products. There are several salons (Toscano, Leather World Pattaya, GN Geornie) where you can buy unique products in Pattaya.

Gifts made of natural latex with 10-year guarantee are waiting for you in the stores Ventry and Sweet Dream Latex. A wide range of natural cosmetics is available in pharmacies of VitaMax. Competent pharmacists have an individual approach to each client. Those who haven't chosen gifts yet can go to the Lukdod Shop. A wide range of souvenirs, clothing, leather goods, teas, dishes and other goods will allow you to choose an ideal present.

3. To taste Thai food

Thai food is a combination of fresh exotic products, fragrant herbs and spices. It will be a crime to visit Thailand and not try local dishes. Pattaya is full of different cafes, restaurants and street tents where you can have a lunch or dinner. One of the best restaurants is a perfect place for hiding from the rain. National dishes, beautiful views, comfortable interiors and entertainment shows are waiting for you at Moom Aroi or The Glass House restaurants.

4. To visit the evening show

A lot of entertaining programs and evening shows are held in Pattaya. Each show has its own idea and gives unique impressions. Tuxedo Illusion Hall show will make you believe in the impossible things. The evening programs Tifanni and Alcazar will immerse you into the world of beauty and grace. Fans of exciting entertainments can see X show 69 or the Big Eye show. You can also watch the fight of Muay Thai.

The combination of the latest technologies, light and sound projections present pictures of famous impressionists in a special format in the gallery of Hello Van Gogh. Visitors of all ages will be impressed by unusual and fascinating paintings which will immerse them into the life of the famous artist. You can learn more about modern art in the museum of three-dimensional paintings Art in Paradise. There are various 3D-paintings depicting dinosaurs, underwater world, ancient buildings and many other things in the huge hall of the museum. The visitor can pose in the background or even inside the picture and make a photo with a complete image. The impressions from the show programs or museums will make you to forget about the bad weather for several hours.

5. To visit the oceanarium

The Underwater World Pattaya Oceanarium deserves a special attention. Pattaya Underwater World is divided into several zones, each of which has its own theme and entertainment. For example you can touch turtles or rays at the Touch pool. In a special pot "Touch the fish" you can touch the floating fish with your hand. Also you can see marine predators (sharks and rays), coral reefs and other sea inhabitants in a 100-meter glass tunnel under water.

As you can see, the rainy weather in Pattaya is a great chance to have a great time and do more exploring. You can see the full list of tours, their prices and available programs at our website.

Ryan   (14.04.2020 12:21)
Of course, rain, we are not a hindrance! We want to see not only the sea and palm trees, so be sure to visit historical places, parks, shows and, of course, taste the dishes of local chefs.

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