Housing in Pattaya


Where to stay in Pattaya?

Almost every journey begins with finding suitable accommodation. Everyone wants to relax in comfortable conditions after long walks or relax on the beach. In our article, we will tell about housing in Pattaya and what points you should pay attention to when choosing it.


What determines the cost of housing in Pattaya?

As Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, visited by dozen thousands of tourists from different countries, there is a large selection of accommodation with different prices. Numerous hotels in Pattaya, condominiums, houses and villas offer their services. Prices for housing in Pattaya depend on several factors.

Firstly, prices for housing rental can be higher because of real estate agencies extra charge. If you want to save your money, you can search for options directly from the owner and agree with him about a more affordable price. At online booking services, pay attention to who posted the ad: owner or agent.

Another important price factor is the distance from the sea: the closer the housing to the coastline, the higher the price. Although the beaches of Pattaya are not the cleanest in the Kingdom and for a beach holiday it is better to go to the neighboring islands, many tourists want to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast from their window.

The season also affects prices greatly. During the tourist season (from October to February), prices for apartments and other tourist services will be much higher.

The cost of housing may depend on the rental term. With a longer rental period (from six months or longer), the price may decrease, but it may include utility bills.

Also, the price directly depends on the location and the surrounding infrastructure.

How to choose a district for living in Pattaya?

When choosing where to stay in Pattaya, keep in mind a few facts about the resort. The central district of the city does not fall silent even for a minute and there is constant movement of crowds of tourists. If you plan to stay for a long period, pay attention to the availability of shops, schools, cafes and transport nearby.

Central Pattaya is famous for its good infrastructure: many shops, restaurants and everything you need will always be nearby. The transport system is also well developed. It is always very noisy and crowded here, especially in the evening, so staying in the center is suitable for those who are looking for an active nightlife. Prices for apartments in Pattaya in the center are quite affordable, as the Thais prefer to live in other districts.

Naklua District in the North of Pattaya has clean beaches, moderate traffic, and a large number of new condominiums. Housing prices here are a little more expensive than in the center, but the atmosphere is calmer. Many families with children and retired travelers live in Naklua. The highest housing prices are on the coastline, a little further from the sea you can find more affordable options. The transport system is well developed: minibuses and mototaxis are always at your service.

Pratumnak is one of the most elite districts in Pattaya. Housing prices here are higher, but there are many new-built buildings, so it is possible to find affordable options. Here you will find excellent infrastructure for families: there are kindergartens, cafes, shops, a clean beach. Nearby is the most famous sight of the resort - Big Buddha. Due to the hilly terrain, it can periodically be windy. The only disadvantage is that public transport is poorly developed.

Jomtien district called “budget Pratamnak” attracts with its good beaches, the presence of schools, shops, hospitals and markets. You can easily get to other parts of the city by songteo.

Najomtien District is famous for perfect beaches with crystal clear water. The majority of luxury hotels with private beaches is concentrated here. Renting an apartment in this district will be the most expensive. Public transport does not go here, as most local residents rent a car or use taxi services. A quiet, comfortable and luxurious vacation is provided for you here!

If you have chosen the district and found suitable accommodation, experienced travelers advice to ask the owner to provide copies of documents proving their ownership (for example, Chanot) before sending an advance payment. If you want to come back here again and again, a great option would be to buy an apartment in Pattaya. Then the problem of housing will be solved forever and you will get additional rental income. Right now you can book a free transfer to Pattaya Real Estate Gallery and learn everything about the best offers from trusted developers!

Bella   (03.04.2020 13:31)
I want to find housing in the center of Pattaya, near the sea and work.

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