Budget tours in Pattaya


The best budget tours in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, so the prices for entertainments may be different. Travelers with a limited budget should not worry because there is a variety of cheap tours with interesting program in Pattaya. So an inexpensive vacation in Pattaya is an exciting reality. In this article you can read about some inexpensive tours for the season of 2018.

Visiting temples

For example, interesting tour to the Sanctuary of Truth will cost approximately 600-700 baht. The price includes a free and comfortable transfer from the hotel and an admission ticket. The Sanctuary of Truth is a unique tall building made of wood in the style of ancient Khmer architecture. The complex includes four thematic zones dedicated to India, China, Thailand and Cambodia. There are unique religious exhibits in each room. There is also the famous Statue of Fertility in the territory of the temple. Many married couples come here to touch the statue and make a wish to have a baby.

Wat Yan Temple Complex will show you the world of religion and ancient architecture. Here you can see the terracotta warriors from the tomb of the Chinese emperor, the authentic "Buddha trace" and the palace of the Chinese emperor with a chic collection of ancient artifacts.

Exotic shopping

You can go shopping and buy souvenirs and gifts to relatives during the tour to the Floating Market which costs only 700 baht. The local traders sell their goods from their boats on the water surface. Here you can buy different souvenirs and ready-made dishes of Thai cuisine. Also you can book free transfer from your hotel to souvenir's shop Lukdot.

Evening shows

A budget tourist can also visit some evening shows. For example, the tour to Illusion Hall Tuxedo costs only 500-600 baht. The show includes incredible tricks which will make you believe in a miracle. There is also a museum of illusions and a shop with various gadgets for tricks.

Another way to spend your time in the evening is to visit the X-show 69 for adults, which will cost only 900 baht. A huge stage, professional scenery and lighting, loud music and interesting play of artists will leave strong impressions.

The exotic world of animals and plants

Any tourist will be able to see the tropical world of the flora and fauna of Thailand. For example, a tour to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, which costs 699 baht, will dip you into a real floral oasis. The huge territory of the park is divided into various thematic zones with rare and exotic plants. Bright colors of plants will give an opportunity to make beautiful photos. There is a small zoo, a collection of palm trees and even elephants in the territory of the park.

Animal lovers will be able to spend an exciting time at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo. The price for the ticket is 600 baht. The zoo is located in the territory of the national reserve with wild jungles, pastures and ponds. Over 8 thousand different kinds of animals walk around here in the public domain and feel like at home. Every visitor of the park can become a part of the wild nature.

Pattaya is famous for its rich underwater world, which can be seen in the Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium. The transfer and ticket will cost 499 baht. The best specialists were involved in the construction of the oceanarium, who built a unique 100-meter under water tunnel. You will feel like an inhabitant of the seabed walking along this tunnel. There are many different entertainment zones in the oceanarium, including a waterfall with carps, a touch pool, otter show, an aquarium in which you can touch fish and much more.

And this is not a full list of entertainments for travelers with a limited budget in Pattaya. Here you can spend unforgettable time and have bright impressions for the rest of your life. A full list of tours, their prices and description are given at the website.

Beatrice   (22.04.2020 14:40)
The budget is very important to me, I want not to spend a lot of money. Thanks for your advice.

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