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Pattaya makes wishes come true


Make a wish

If you make a wish in Pattaya in the right place, it will definitely come true

Thailand is a wonderful country where all dreams come true. Here you can spend an amazing vacation and make a wish. If you make a wish in Pattaya in the right place, it will definitely come true.

The Big Buddha Temple

There are a lot of amazing places with a special magic, for example The Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya. Everyone can think seriously about their purposes in life and make a wish near the statue of The Big Buddha. The temple is located on the hill, from up there you can admire the picturesque scenery and release a bird from the cage. The Thais sell the cages with the birds right at the foot of the hill. They cost about 100 baht. The local people believe that if you release a bird and make a wish, the bird will take your wish directly to heaven. Than you should knock with a stick on all the bells hanging along the hill.

The Sanctuary of Truth

If your wishes are related to family, you should definitely visit the Sanctuary of Truth in the Northern part of the city. This temple can change your inner world and open the secrets of the universe. You can pray for a happy life and well-being of relatives at the Family statue which is situated in the temple. If your thoughts are pure and sincere, your wishes will definitely come true.

Nong Nooch tropical garden

If you are interested in exotic plants, it is worth visiting the Nong Nooch tropical garden. It has got unique exhibits from all around the world. Positive emotions with bright photos are guaranteed. One of the tourist trails of the garden will lead you to the French Park with several gazebos on the hill. If you make a wish, sitting on a bench in one of the gazebos, it will come true. You need to think about something pleasant and hit the bell three times.

Ko Si Chang island

There is another magical place situated in Ko Si Chang island near Pattaya. Those, who have visited the island at least once, will definitely come back again. There is the Cave of 1000 wishes in the local Chinese temple, which attracts travelers from around the world. Local businessmen and politicians also visit this magical place. You need to write your wish on a sheet of red paper, leave it in the cave and it will definitely come true.

The Wat Yang temple

Perhaps the most miraculous place in Pattaya is the Wat Yang temple, which is under the patronage of the Royal family. Here you can admire the architectural styles of Thai, Chinese and even Indian temples of different times. Visitors can relax, meditate and even make a wish in the gazebos on the shore of the picturesque lake. At the entrance to the complex you can buy a fish or turtle and release it into the lake. The Thais believe that after releasing an animal your problems and troubles will go away. Another way to clear your karma is climb the highest mountain of the complex. The stairs lead to the top of the mountain. There is a chapel with the "Buddha Sign" on the top of the mountain. The Thais believe that with each step you leave your problems behind and at the end of the way you can get rid of all of them.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a fabulous country with a lot of unusual places where all dreams come true. To make a wish come trueмit is necessary to believe in it sincerely and think positively.

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