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A Tour to the Kingdom of Sukhothai from Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Sukhothai Historical Park

A great finding for the curious

Sukhothai is an ancient city located in the North of Thailand, 560 km from Pattaya. The city was founded in 1237 on the site of Khmer settlement. From the XIII to XV century, Sukhothai was the capital of the powerful Thai state with the same name.

It is believed that this is where Thai culture, writing, architecture, and art were born, and where the Thai alphabet was created. Sukhothai Historical Park is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you are interested in history and wish to explore an ancient civilization, you will enjoy the visit to Sukhothai and its surroundings.

During our trip to the Kingdom of Sukhothai, we will visit two historical parks in Thailand - Sukhothai and the "Diamond wall", walk inside the Chrystal Temple, visit the city of Phitsanulok, and admire the ancient Buddha statue made of gold.

On our way, we will stop to rest in a Thai wellness center with hot mineral pools, and spend the night in a luxurious spa hotel designed in the Thai national style.

During this amazing tour, we will cover a long distance (only one way it’s about 550 km), at the same time, this program is also suitable for people with special needs - you do not need to walk a lot, we reach all the attractions by transportation.

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Bus Tour to the Kingdom of Sukhothai

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Tour to the Kingdom of Sukhothai

*There is no English-speaking group for this tour. We can join you to a mixed tourist group with a Russian-speaking tour-guide. He will speak about the important moments in English and will answer your questions if you have any.

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