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Pattaya, Thailand
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How to buy a villa in Pattaya?

A villa in Pattaya is a dream of every traveler who has visited Thailand at least once. Each of us would not mind becoming the owner of a chic house with all the amenities on the picturesque coast. The main advantage of villas in Pattaya is that you are surrounded by a quiet, cozy shore of the bay and the developed infrastructure of the big city with all kinds of services is nearby.

Despite the fact that the villas are considered an elite real estate and are quite expensive, this type of housing becomes more popular among foreigners every year. Villas have a lot of advantages in addition to comfortable housing:its own pool, a large outdoor territory, the territory on the beach, possibility to live with pets. In our article we will tell how to buy a villa in Pattaya.


Prices for villas

Villa is a luxury housing which has a lot of benefits.

Solitude is what all successful people need. After hard working days, what could be better than swimming in your own pool without crowds of people? Or have a great time on the beach? Silence, picturesque landscapes and privacy are the main advantages of a villa.

Nevertheless, you can easily get to the city center with all the necessary infrastructure and attractions: shopping centers, shops, various parks, restaurants and everything you want. The transport system in Pattaya is well-developed, so traveling to the city does not take much time.

Another significant advantage of having a villa in a popular Thai resort is a good income from renting it out. If you do not plan to spend the whole year in the Kingdom, you can easily rent out housing at a high price, especially during the tourist season.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy a villa, so the resort's real estate market is actively developing, and developers are ready to offer ready-made projects or to realize all your dreams and build new ones. Prices for villas depend on the location (popularity of the area), the area of ​​the house, decoration of housing and the surrounding area. Prices start from 100 thousand dollars. For example, a villa in Jomtien with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms will cost about 150 thousand dollars. And luxury apartments in Chonburi with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms will cost about 1 million dollars.

Features of buying a villa

Buying a villa doesn’t differ from buying a house in Thailand. Foreign investors have two ways to purchase a villa and the land on which it is built.

The first option is to purchase a villa and land as a commercial property. To do this, you need to draw up a legal entity in partnership with a Thai citizen. After the transaction, the partner waives the ownership rights, and you become the only owner.

The second option is to issue a long-term rent on land (leasehold) for a period of 30 years and then renew it twice for another 60 years. The owner of the leasehold has the full right to dispose of everything that is on the ground (lease, sell, inherit, etc.).

Don’t forget that banking operations and payments are made in local currency (THB). To be sure of the correct execution of all documents, it is worth to consult with reliable specialists. The staff of the Real Estate Gallery will answer all your questions, help you to choose the perfect option to fit your requirements and also provide support at all stages of the purchase. Book a free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery right now and soon you will become a happy owner of a luxury villa in Pattaya!

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