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Transfers to islands
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Trips to islands from Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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The islands situated near Pattaya are among top recommended places for visiting for every tourist. With our Online-Pattaya service It is very easy to book a transfer to the islands - just call our operators!


○    Group transfers are organised every day at 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. or at 08:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (the time depends on the destination).
You can book your transfer by phone and pay when you get on a bus. We will pick you up at your hotel, apartment or house.
Our transfers are very comfortable and safe.

Which islands can you visit?

○    Koh Chang - one of the biggest islands in Thailand. Its name means “elephant” in Thai. The island is a part of Mu Koh Chang National Park, situated 310 km from Bangkok.
Koh Mak is the third largest island of Koh Chang archipelago. The tropical island belongs to Trat Province.
Koh Kood is a paradise island which will remind you of Bounty adverts with its luxirious beaches. It is also a part of Mu Koh Chang.
Koh Wai is a wonderful island near which a famous coral reef is situated.
Koh Samet is a national park with amazing attractions, one of which is the statues of Mermaid and Prince that welcome travellers to the island.
Koh Larn is the closest island to Pattaya, it is also called as Coral island

How much does the transfer to the islands cost?

You can get to the islands from Pattaya by different means of transport. You can travel by minibus, ferry, speed boat and/or taxi - the choice of the transport depends on your destionation. We will take care of the trip.

The cost of transfer service also depends on the destination. Below you can see approximate prices:

Group transfers - destinations Means of transport Days Price for one-way trip (for 1 person) Price for return trip (for 1 person)
Pattaya ↔ Koh Samet (get to the Pier on the island by ferry) Minibus, ferry Every day 390 THB 700 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Samet (get to the beach by speed boat) Minibus, speed boat Every day 890 THB 990 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Chang (to the Pier on the island) Minibus, ferry Every day 550 THB 1000 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Chang (to the hotel on the island) Minibus, ferry Every day 690 THB 1380 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Mak (to the island) Minibus, speed boat Every day 950 THB 1900 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Wai (to the island) Minibus, speed boat Every day 950 THB 1900 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Kood (to hotel) Minibus, taxi, speed boat, taxi Every day 950 THB 1900 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Kood (high-speed transfer, to hotel) Minibus, speed boat, taxi Every day 1200 THB 2200 THB
Pattaya ↔ Koh Larn (to the beach Samae) Minibus, speed boat Tue, Thu, Sat 600 THB 799 THB

It should be noticed that the prices depend on the location of your hotel in Pattaya. If it is in Central Pattaya, Northern Pattaya, Nakluea or Jomtien, see the price list above. If your hotel is situated farther than the city centre, you will have to pay extra 100 THB for each person.

The price includes one piece of luggage for each passenger.

To book transfer service call us or make a request at the website. State your name, telephone and e-mail, hotel’s address, room number, number of passengers and dates of the trip.

If you have any questions on this information or if you need an urgent transfer from any island, contact our office: +666 00035 666.

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Customer support service available every day from 04:00 to 24:00 (UTC +7 Asia/Bangkok).

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is it possible return same day from Koh Samet?

Dear Sena, yes of course, it is possible.

I try Ton Book Four 2 persons a Transfer from pattaya to koh chiang in youre website. Do you recieve my bookinginformationes? Date of departure: sunday 23.4.2017

Dear Studer Daniel, yes,  we have received your order, we have already booked for you seats

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