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Holiday in Pattaya in summer


Holiday in Pattaya in summer

In Pattaya the rainy season and dry season change each other year by year. During the dry season the weather pleases with a clear sky and a calm sea, but during the rainy season monsoons become more active and it starts raining. That is why the peak of the tourist activity in Thailand starts in winter when the dry season begins. But there are always some tourists who want to sunbathe in the bright sun of Pattaya or swim in the warm sea, despite possible rains and storms. In this article we will tell you about the weather and entertainments in Pattaya in summer.


Weather in Pattaya in summer

Pattaya in June is quite suitable for a beach holiday. In the first month of summer rains are often short and start in the evening or at night, bringing the long-awaited coolness. The air temperature during the day is + 30-32 degrees and at night +26 degrees. The water in the sea is very warm, the temperature is + 28-29 degrees. Partly cloudy or even completely covered sky makes rest on the beach even more comfortable, but do not forget to use sunscreen.

Pattaya in July also pleases its guests with small warm rains. At night it gets even cooler (+ 24-25 degrees), and in the daytime it's still hot (+ 31-32 degrees). The water in the sea is also warm.

The weather in August does not much differ from the previous summer months. The temperature of the air at day and night remains the same, rains fall every three days. High humidity increases the feeling of heat. Tourists without severe chronic diseases can easily adapt to such weather conditions.

Entertainments in Pattaya in summer

Entertainments in Pattaya in summer are the same as in other seasons, all excursions and attractions are available all year round. The prices for flights and hotels are lower in Pattaya in summer. So it's hard to find a better time to learn something about this beautiful resort. Those who want to learn something about Buddhism and the ancient history of Pattaya, can go on educational and historical tours. The tour programs include visits to the Sanctuary of Truth, Wat Yang complex, Lotus Island, Chinese ancient temples, Ancient Siam and many other interesting places in Pattaya and its surroundings.

Fans of extreme adventures can ride a quad bike, fly a paraglider, try bungy jumping and even soar above the water surface on the flyboard.

Travelers who prefer family holidays can have a great time with their children, visiting Nong Nooch Garden, Khao Kheo Zoo, crocodile and snake farms, oceanarium, dolphinarium and even Disneyland Dream World in Bangkok.

Night life is also very active in Pattaya. Various evening shows such as Tiffany, Alcazar, Himmapan Avatar, Muay Thai and many other programs will immerse you into the atmosphere of celebration, fun and Thai exotics.

You can see the full list of tours and their descriptions at our website.

Thinking about whether to go to Pattaya in summer in 2018, do not forget that it will be a great opportunity to enjoy beach rest and to get to know this wonderful city closer.

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