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You save your time as there is no need in arranging meetings with the tourist guide. Call our office (+666 00035 666) or use feedback form at our website and we will answer all your questions.
Our guides are real professionals with good knowledge of English.
Insurance is included.

There is no risk of losing money as you pay straight to your tourist guide.

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no prepayment
the Jungle  View River Kwai 3 hotel
Adult 2099 THB Child 1550 THB

Would you like to breathe in the fresh air of the river which flows through the wild jungles, feel the impressive greatness and purity of the ancient temples and realize the incredible strength of the wise nature and feel how the time is passing?

2.7 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Online-pattaya.com - the Chinese temple
Adult 1200 THB Child 900 THB

A wonderful full day tour.

2.2 (0 reviews)
Adult 1180 THB Child 1180 THB

Diving for beginners and advanced divers. Diving courses.

4.0 (6 reviews)
no prepayment
Tonle Sap Lake - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 4499 THB Child 3900 THB

This tour includes exciting sightseeing program. You will visit ancient Cambodian temples and learn about Khmer history and culture.

3.0 (2 reviews)
Blue lagoon - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 599 THB Child 350 THB

Sai Kaew Beach is a beautiful clean beach, 20 km away from Pattaya.

3.5 (2 reviews)
Pattaya Alcazar Cabaret Show
Adult 599 THB Child 599 THB

The performance will grab your attention at once and take you to different decades and centuries and countries.

2.7 (2 reviews)
Tiffany  - transvestite show
Adult 750 THB Child 750 THB

Get your inspiration from charming beauty!

2.4 (3 reviews)
Pattaya Snake Farm - Snake Show - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 499 THB Child 499 THB

Pattaya Snake Farm presents an amazing snake show and offers you an opportunity to buy natural treatments produced from snake’s organs.

3.2 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Adult 1399 THB Child 1200 THB

Would you like to go on a ride through savanna among wild animals?

3.0 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Adult 749 THB Child 700 THB

You have got a chance to see rare pink dolphins, enjoy incredible dolphin show and swim with dolphins.

3.0 (2 reviews)
Dream World - Need for Speed - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 1000 THB Child 800 THB

Go on a tour to the amusement park with your kids on lazy weekend or active weekdays. Enjoy your time together and have fun!

2.0 (0 reviews)
Tour to Koh Chang from Pattaya - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 550 THB Child 550 THB

Enjoy all the pleasures of tropical nature: sandy beaches, coral reefs, wild jungles, mountain rivers and waterfalls.

1.5 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Koh Kham island
Adult 1800 THB Child 900 THB

Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball and other entertainments on a paradise island for romantic couples.

2.2 (2 reviews)
no prepayment
Historical Bangkok - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 1199 THB Child 1199 THB

Sightseeing tour of Bangkok. Enjoy the tour of ancient temples!

3.0 (0 reviews)
Colosseum – Transvestite Show - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 799 THB Child 799 THB

You have got a splendid opportunity to be the first to see the modern Transvestite Show which will surprise you by its immense size and exotic beauty.

0.0 (0 reviews)
Flight of the Gibbon
Adult 3599 THB Child 3599 THB

Enjoy incredible thrilling experience in thick jungles. Professional instructors and equipment is provided.

1.0 (0 reviews)
from 800 THB for 1 person

Our tigers will live in happy and comfortable.

2.8 (0 reviews)
from 12998 THB for 2 person

VIP space.

1.0 (0 reviews)
Adult 2400 THB Child 1350 THB

A mysterious temple of the four elements. While building the temple not a single nail has been used. Anything can be possible here - good and evil. It’s up for you to decide!

1.5 (0 reviews)
Real Fishing Tour in Pattaya - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 1599 THB Child 880 THB

A wide choice of fishing tours.

2.0 (0 reviews)

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