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Our guides are real professionals with good knowledge of English.
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There is no risk of losing money as you pay straight to your tourist guide.

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no prepayment
Tuxedo Illusion Show in Pattaya
Adult 600 THB Child 600 THB

Where miracles happen.

3.5 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Magic Ice of Siam in Pattaya
Adult 800 THB Child 650 THB

A North Pole right in the middle of Thailand.

2.6 (0 reviews)
Paragliding above Pattaya
from 2500 THB for 1 person

When dreams come true.

2.2 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Wat Yan temple and Karen Village
Adult 699 THB Child 500 THB

Go on an amazing journey through the history of Thailand, visit unbelievably beautiful Wat Yan temple, ancient village of Karen long­neck women and admire unusual architecture, museums, carved image of Buddha and many other extraordinary things.

2.5 (2 reviews)
no prepayment
Tour to House of Thai millionaire (Ban Sukhavadee) Pattaya
Adult 750 THB Child 450 THB

Bohemian life.

2.5 (0 reviews)
Fishing Charters and Tours in Pattaya
Adult 1799 THB Child 1200 THB

A wide choice of fishing tours.

1.8 (0 reviews)
Caribo. Tour in Pattaya
Adult 1999 THB Child 1000 THB

We guarantee that you will have a great time!

0.0 (0 reviews)
Bungy Jump in Pattaya
from 1400 THB for 1 person

Bungy jump in Pattaya. Would you like to experience unbelievable emotions and enjoy an incredible rush of adrenaline?

3.2 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Pattaya Floating Market
Adult 700 THB Child 450 THB

Exotic boat trip along the market’s channels.

2.4 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
A water trip in Asian Venice - Online-Pattaya.com
Adult 2299 THB Child 1799 THB

Historical tour to the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

3.0 (0 reviews)
Flyboard in Pattaya
from 2900 THB for 1 person

Private territory specially equipped for flyboarding.

2.3 (0 reviews)
Shopping in Bangkok (tour from Pattaya)
Adult 1100 THB Child 900 THB

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the best shopping centers in the capital of Thailand.

2.3 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Amazing Thailand
Adult 2750 THB Child 1350 THB

Go on an exotic journey right into the center of Thailand!

4.0 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Lake Fishing Tour in Pattaya
Adult 850 THB Child 300 THB

Enjoy wonderful holiday together with your family! Experience unforgettable emotions!

0.0 (2 reviews)
no prepayment
Muay Thai. Thai Boxing in Pattaya
from 1499 THB for 1 person

Feel the furious energy of an ancient martial art!

3.0 (0 reviews)
Tour Buccabu Yacht in Pattaya
Adult 1999 THB Child 1000 THB

Enjoy luxurious holiday on Buccabu Yacht.

1.5 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Pipo Pony Club in Pattaya
Adult 600 THB Child 500 THB

Enjoy Pony show, pets’ corner, animal feeding, take beautiful photos. You can also try horse riding.

5.0 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Tour to Koh Ta Lu
Adult 1799 THB Child 1199 THB

Don’t miss your chance to visit one of the best islands in the South-Eastern part of Thailand!

4.3 (0 reviews)
Tours to Singapore from Pattaya
Adult 19000 THB Child 10500 THB

Make a trip to the city of wonderful skyscrapers and entertainments of all kinds.

3.0 (0 reviews)
no prepayment
Magic of the East
Adult 1250 THB Child 950 THB

Witness and take part in amazing rituals in the very heart of Thailand.

0.0 (0 reviews)

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