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Pattaya is an amazing resort where you will not be bored for sure. This section presents 109 tours and activities in Pattaya at the lowest prices from licensed travel companies in Pattaya. Most excursions have professional guides who speak English. Insurance included.

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Start at 10:30
Transfer from Pattaya
VIP space in Thailand
4.9 (0 reviews)
Start at 19:00
Transfer from Pattaya
Feel the furious energy of an ancient martial art!
4.3 (0 reviews)
Start at 10:00
Shared & private yacht trips
Transfer from Pattaya
4.7 (7 reviews)
Start at 10:00-14:30
Transfer from Pattaya
Experience Thailand Enduro riding at the best ultimate off-road enduro adventure tour
4.8 (0 reviews)
Start at 05:30
Transfer from Pattaya
An exciting two-day tour to the Coconut island
4.6 (0 reviews)
Start at 09:00-16:00
Private transfer from Pattaya
The farm with more than 40 thousand crocodiles and a beautiful Japanese Park
4.2 (0 reviews)
Start at 18:00
Transfer from Pattaya
This is a night adventure for active tourists
4.9 (0 reviews)
Start at 08:30
Transfer from Pattaya
Enjoy wonderful holiday together with your family! Experience unforgettable emotions!
4.8 (2 reviews)
Start at 09:00
Shared & private packages
Transfer from Pattaya
Enjoy incredible thrilling experience in thick jungles. Professional instructors and equipment is provided
4.5 (0 reviews)
A historical tour to the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam
4.8 (0 reviews)
Departure at 7:30 a.m.
Trip by bus and speedboat
Snorkeling and unwinding on the beach
4.5 (0 reviews)
One-day trip to Khao Kheow and Siri Park with lunch
4.5 (0 reviews)
Siam Park City in Bangkok is the largest amusement park in South-East Asia
4.7 (2 reviews)
Sightseeing tour around Pattaya
Start at 11:00 a.m.
4.9 (0 reviews)
A wonderful full day tour
4.6 (2 reviews)
Go on an amazing journey through the history of Thailand, visit unbelievably beautiful Wat Yan temple and admire unusual architecture, museums, carved image of Buddha and many other extraordinary things
4.7 (6 reviews)
Working hours 09:00-18:00
Transfers from Pattaya is available
100 m long transparent tunnel, Shark and Ray Zone, Touch Pool, coral reefs
4.4 (0 reviews)
Easy and eventful tour for the whole family around Pattaya. This package includes: 2-way transfer, all admission fee, dinner
4.7 (0 reviews)
Enjoy all the pleasures of tropical nature: sandy beaches, coral reefs, wild jungles, mountain rivers and waterfalls
4.9 (2 reviews)

Frequently asked questions about tours in Pattaya

1. What is the difference between group and private tours?

Group (Shared) Private
There will be other tourists on the tour Only your company will be on the tour
Transfer from hotels at the appointed time Private transfer at a convenient time
Tour guide for all tourists on the tour Tour guide for your company

2. What are the most popular tours in Pattaya?

The 10 most popular Pattaya tours according to tourist reviews:

3. Is insurance included in the price of the tour?

Most programmes include insurance which is provided by the tour operator. There is no insurance for shows, water parks, amusement parks, etc.

4. How can I pay?

4.1. Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard and other methods. After checking availability, we will send the payment link on WhatsApp or Email.


4.2. To a Thai bank account in baht (via a cash machine, bank branch or any Thai bank mobile app).

4.3. Cash in the office by pre-arranging the time of the visit and the service(s) to be paid for in Online Support. You can pay in the office only in Thai baht and at least 3 days prior to the date of the tour.

4.4. Cash to the courier, it is necessary to agree the address, time of arrival of the courier and paid service(s) in advance in the chat Online Support. The cost of the courier is 300 baht. For payments of 5000 baht or more, the courier is free of charge. You can pay the courier only in Thai baht and at least 3 days before the date of the tour.

5. How does the booking process work?

Book online and we will check availability for the selected date and send the payment link in WhatsApp or Email. If you need an alternative method of payment (in the office, by courier or to Thai account), please write about it in the "Additional information" field or in the Online Support.

The best tours and activities in Pattaya?

This popular Thai resort successfully combines urban entertainments and wildlife, historical sights, and extreme activities. Clean beaches and azure water are waiting for you on nearby islands. You can go on a tour to Coral Island, 3 Miracle islands, Sai Kaew Beach, and others.

In the majestic temples, you can learn more about Buddhism and the lifestyle of local monks, and admire the beautiful architecture. For example, the Sanctuary of Truth is the world-famous temple built from the teak tree.

Pattaya activities include fishing, snorkeling and diving, visiting water parks, zoos and gardens and night shows. Here you can jump with a parachute or rent a yacht. All your dreams can come true in Pattaya!

If tours in Pattaya are not enough for you, you can go on international tours to Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Burma, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Kathmandu, and other countries.

There are half-day and one-day tours with different itineraries and prices, you can easily choose the most suitable for you.

At any season, a vacation in Pattaya will give a lot of vivid ​​impressions. Be sure you will take many beautiful photos.