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What is sold on the beaches?

Shopping at Pattaya beaches

Beach holidays are one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world choose sunny Thailand as their destination. The beaches of the Kingdom are famous for their exotic features: white sand, tropical plants, and, of course ,street sellers, constantly walking back and forth. In our article we will tell what you can buy at Pattaya beaches and what is not a good idea to get there.


Tasty street food

Food at Pattaya beaches is the most popular good, so here you will definitely not stay hungry. Sellers periodically walk on each city beach, offering various snacks: for example, exotic fruits, juicy corn, various shrimps, crab, dried fish, chicken legs, as well as cotton candy and other goodies. Along each beach there are many nice cafes where you can hide from the sun in cool shade and have a delicious lunch.

Beach Attributes

Even if you were going to the beach in a hurry and forgot to bring something with you, don’t worry, the “beach entrepreneurs” took care of this. You can get everything you need from them: sunglasses, swimwear, hats, sundresses, shorts and T-shirts, wicker baskets, swim rings and other attributes for swimming. You can also buy coconut oil, tanning creams, and sunscreens.

Souvenirs and other trinkets as a keepsake

Those tourists who do not want to look for gifts in the markets or in stores can buy everything right on the beach. Local merchants offer vacationers to buy various figurines, candles, jewelry and even products made of wood, ivory or snake skin. However, it is not always possible to be sure of the quality of these goods and traders can increase prices, so souvenirs are not the best products to buy on the beach. For gifts, it is better to go to brand stores (they provide a free shuttle service), where you can buy goods with quality certificates and at a lower price.

The Thai merchants can behave differently: some just walk along the coastline and look for buyers, others can be more persistent and come closer to offer their goods. But each seller, hearing from you "No", will immediately leave you alone and will not spoil your vacation. In any case, the merchants on the beach are part of the local special flavor.

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