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What to take to Pattaya?


Packing luggage to Pattaya

A trip to Pattaya is always a pleasant and exciting journey with bright emotions and new impressions. Many travelers, especially those who go to Thailand for the first time, going on a trip, don’t know what to pack for their journey to Pattaya. Our checklist of things will help you to take everything you need for all occasions.

Documents and money

Printouts of the ticket and hotel reservation may be needed at the passport control if employees ask where you plan to stay and when you are going to leave the country. These documents will be also useful during filling in a migration card. You can show a piece of paper with the hotel address to a taxi driver. In order not to waste time searching for free taxis and explanations with the driver, you can book a transfer at our website and get to the hotel comfortably.

Passport copies will be needed for processing visa documents, renting a vehicle or checking into a hotel. It is better to leave the original passport in the hotel safe and carry a copy with you. Make sure that the validity of the passport is not less than 6 months. You can also make electronic copies of documents and save them on your e-mail in order to download and print if necessary.

Medical insurance. If you suddenly need medical assistance in Pattaya, the insurance will be very useful. Medicine in Thailand is quite expensive for non-residents. 1 day in a hospital can cost about 1,000 dollars. You will not be let out of the country until the bills for services are paid. The insurance will help to save your money for treatment, so it is worth to choose a responsible insurer.

Bank cards and cash. We advise you to take several cards of international banks. To prevent the blocking of cards, you can warn the bank about the upcoming trip. You should take little sum in cash in dollars or euros to exchange it at the airport for baht and get to the hotel. The exchange rate at the airport is not very profitable, so you should not change a large sum.

Things and gadgets

A camera with recharging is a must-have point of the list, because there are so many beautiful places in Pattaya which you will want to take a picture of. It will be also useful to take a waterproof case for camera to take as many bright photos on the beach or islands as possible.

Summer clothes and accessories. It is always warm and sunny in Pattaya, so be sure to take a hat and sunglasses with you. Don’t bring a lot of summer clothes with you, here you can always buy everything you need at affordable prices.

Comfortable backpack will be useful in travels around the resort. You can put documents, wallet, water bottle, camera and other things in it . You can also take a backpack with you to the plane as hand luggage.

If you are going to Pattaya, you should not take a lot of things with you, save room in the baggage for numerous souvenirs and gifts from the resort. Well, the main thing that you definitely need to take with you on a trip is a good mood and a desire to get new impressions!

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