Work in Pattaya: myths and reality

Work in Pattaya: myths and reality

It is not surprising that sunny Pattaya attracts travelers from all over the world and those who had an amazing rest here, want to stay in a paradise for a longer time. Many people are interested if there is work for foreigners in Pattaya. In fact, the formal employment of foreigners in Thailand is a rather complicated issue due to the severe restrictions of the law. There are many myths and speculations about how to make money in Pattaya, which of them are true or not, we will try to find out in our article.

Myth 1: Thailand has a lot of work for foreigners

In fact, Thai law quite severely limits the scope of employment for foreigners. First of all, the government wants to provide jobs for its citizens. That is why most professions which the Thais can learn are not accessible to non-residents. We have described the most popular jobs here. Before getting a formal job, a non-resident needs to obtain a special permission by providing a whole package of documents. Basically, only serious companies, which are interested in getting real professionals, agree to take such obligations.

Myth 2: Working illegally in Pattaya is safe

Many foreigners decide to circumvent complicated legislation and get a job illegally in Thailand, thinking that they are not in danger. However, do not forget that for non-compliance with the law in the Kingdom there are severe penalties: heavy fines, deportation and even imprisonment. If you are caught in illegal labor, you will get in big trouble.

Myth 3: It is very easy to do business in Thailand

Many people dream to save up capital and set up their own small business in Thailand, live in abundance in a sunny paradise and enjoy their vacation. Let's evaluate the situation realistically. Firstly, local laws do not allow a foreign citizen to register a legal entity in Thailand independently. To do this, you need to find a Thai partner who can be trusted and who agrees to cooperate with you.

Secondly, one should not forget that all documentation, starting with registration, opening a bank account and submitting tax reports, is in Thai language. So you cannot do without the constant support of professionals. In addition, there are many small nuances which should be taken into account: another mentality, values, traditions and needs of the local population. Most entrepreneurs, opening their own business in Thailand, close in the first year of work. Planning to open your business in another country, it is worth evaluating this responsibly and calculating all the risks.

Other ways to make money

Thinking how to make money in Pattaya, you can consider other options. In the modern age of technology, the direction of remote work or freelance is actively developing. This means that you can work from anywhere in the world, all you need is just the Internet and a gadget. Of course, in order to reach a good level of income, it will take a lot of effort and self-organization. But the main advantages of this alternative is that you do not need to draw up any documents.

Another option for additional income is renting out real estate. Pattaya is a very popular resort where housing will be in demand all year round. During the tourist season rental prices increase significantly, making real estate a profitable investment. If you are interested in buying a housing in Pattaya, you can order a free consultation or even a free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery at our website and get answers to all your questions.

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