What fish is found in Pattaya?


What fish is found in Pattaya?

Long before it became one of the largest resorts in Thailand, Pattaya used to be an ordinary fishing village. Although Pattaya is very popular resort now, the coastal waters are also rich in fish and fishing is one of the most popular entertainments among locals and visitors. The city has ideal conditions for all kinds of fishing including day and night fishing, sea, lake and river fishing and even fishing in special fishing parks. Anyone can go fishing by themselves or take a tour, experienced fishermen and beginners will have a good catch.

The most exotic and rare species of fish in Thailand can be caught in Pattaya. In our article we will tell what kind of fish is found in Pattaya and where you can go fishing.

Marine species

The rich sea waters of Pattaya are famous throughout the world for their exotic inhabitants. Would you like to catch eels, sea bass, crucian carp, marlin fish, barracuda, flying fish and many other species? Here you can even catch small sharks. If you have a desire to go fishing in the sea, you can book a tour or rent a boat on any fishing pier.

During the night fishing you can catch more rare species of fish and even a squid. Night fishing usually lasts from 7 pm to midnight and it is better to book a tour with an experienced instructor and fishing tackle.

Lake species

In fresh waters you can also fish delicious and very large fish (sometimes even as big as a grown-up man). Each fisherman will be happy to catch some snakeheads, tiger and mekong catfish, piranhas Paku or Barramundi fish. The Monsters Lake, which is located in the suburbs of the city, is especially popular among fishermen. Unknown and frightening species of fish become a reality in Pattaya, so the lake got such a name. There are exotic species from different parts of the world at this place. Everyone can have a good time and catch the Amazonian arapaima, arowana, spotted catfish from Africa, tambakuya, alligator fish from Australia and Chao Phraya catfish.

Everyone can go for lake fishing by themselves, rent equipment or book a transfer from the hotel.

Fishing Parks

Fishing parks are specially equipped ponds for fishing in the city. Here you can have a great time with your family and practice your fishing skills. There are several fishing parks in almost every district of Pattaya. The main rule of fishing in the fishing park is that the caught fish can not be taken away with you, so you need to throw it back into the water immediately.

If you are an avid fisherman or just an amateur and you dream of catching a lot of tasty and unusual fish, Pattaya will certainly surprise you with its wealth. Have a good catch!

Thomas   (14.04.2020 13:39)
I have many trophies from my fishing and I added new photos with a catch from my vacation in Thailand. You will organize good fishing, I even caught squid.

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