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The most popular tours in Pattaya


Top 10 Tours in Pattaya

Pattaya is an amazing city of contrasts, which combines several wonders of nature and civilization. There is a large selection of interesting tours for couples with children and for young active travelers. In our article we will describe top 10 tours in Pattaya, which every guest definitely must visit.

Tiger Park

Tiger park is a unique place where tigers and people live as good neighbors. At this farm, tigers are grown in an atmosphere of love and care, so animals are friendly and treat people as friends. Here you will have an opportunity to visit the cage with tigers of different ages (from newborns to adults), pet them and take a lot of photos.

Elephant Village

The elephant is the sacred animal of Thailand. To visit the Kingdom and not to ride an elephant will be a crime. You can communicate with these cute animals in the Elephant Village in Pattaya. Many years ago it was a small farm, where sick and old elephants were helped to recover. Later the place became popular among tourists and the farm grew up to a large village. Here guests can ride elephants and watch an elephant show.

The Sanctuary of Truth

During the tour to the Sanctuary of Truth, you can admire the unique teak wood building which is more than 100 meters high. Ancient Khmer architecture will amaze you with its beauty. The temple symbolizes the eternal battle between the good and the evil, wisdom and ignorance. There is also the famous Statue of Fertility, which helps couples to have a baby.

Wat Yan Temple

A trip to Wat Yan temple complex will show you that wonders are nearby. Here you can see the eighth wonder of the world - the world-famous terracotta warriors from the tomb of the Chinese emperor, a large collection of the ancient exhibits in the Palace of the Chinese Emperor Viharn Sien and the real footprints of the Buddha.

7 Wonders of Pattaya

Tour "7 Wonders of Pattaya" will show you the maximum number of sights in one day. The tour includes a visit to Wat Yan Temple, Chinese Temple, Silver Lake, Golden Buddha Mountain, Upside Down House, the village of women with long necks and elephant riding. Vivid impressions and a lot of photos are guaranteed.

Coral Island

A trip to Coral Island (Koh Larn) is an ideal option for fans of active beach holidays. Here you can try parasailing, sea walking, banana riding and jet skiing. Sailing in a boat with transparent glass bottom will allow you to admire tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs.

Koh Samet

A trip to Koh Samet is a unique opportunity to visit an island of volcanic origin with crystal clear white sand. Famous Samet trees with a bark of healing powers also grow on the island. The hot sun, delicious seafood, a quiet relaxing holiday and water activities - are the main reasons to visit Koh Samet.

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana is the largest and most modern water park in Thailand. Numerous water attractions, a pool bar, a tennis court, a restaurant with Asian cuisine and even a floating market are located among the "ruins" of the ancient Indian city and the warriors. Here you can try surfing, roller coasters, spirals, serpentines and other attractions, then relax at the local Spa.

Big Eye Show

New evening Big Eye Show will give you unforgettable experience. Big stage, professional lighting and musical accompaniment will capture your attention from the first minute of the performance. You will be amazed by acrobatic tricks and the abilities of the artists' bodies.

Tiffany Show

Tiffany's cabaret show has been successful with viewers for the last 30 years. Colorful costumes, beautiful music, traditional dances of different nations will create a perfect evening. The show includes historical scenes about China and Thailand, parodies on local and world stars.

As you can see, Pattaya is very diverse and multifaceted city. Here you will find attractions for your body and soul and get a lot of impressions for the whole life.

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