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Articles about Pattaya. What's interesting? What to see? Where to go? Which islands to visit? We will try to answer these questions in a series of articles from Online Pattaya.
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In honor of the holiday, the city streets are decorated with yellow flags and portraits of the ruler.

Bangkok is an incredible city which combines luxury shopping centers and poor ramshackle houses. Here you can enjoy cheap local street food or visit expensive restaurant.
So the products do not stay on the stalls for a long time. The market is very popular among local residents but tourists can also come here.
Most visitors get sunburn in the first days of their stay in the Kingdom even without sunbathing at the beach.

In this article we have collected for you Top 5 the most interesting and extreme activities in the resort.

In our article we will give useful advices how to travel Pattaya with a dog.

The annual holiday called Loi Kratong is famous all over the world by its beautiful processions, which play an important role for the Thais.

Despite the fact that the rainy season in Thailand begins in May, many tourists prefer to come here on vacation in this time.

What to do in Pattaya in the evening and in the night time.

New Year is a special occasion to have a big celebration.

Make a safe holiday in Pattaya.

Nevertheless you should not stay in the hotel room because there are many things you can do in Pattaya during the rain.

Every day at 6 p.m. the traffic in Walking Street stops and the street becomes pedestrian.

On the one hand, these two resorts have got similarities, on the other hand, they are very different. It is better to learn some information about each resort so that to choose the best one.

Modern technologies make our life easier and more comfortable every day.

Almost everyone wants to bring some souvenirs or gifts to relatives and friends from vacation.

Thailand is a wonderful country where all dreams come true.

From November to February  warm and dry climate in Pattaya gives an ideal weather conditions for travelers.

Make your holiday more exciting - follow us to the best sightseeings in Pattaya.

You can learn about Thai culture not only by going on tours but also by visiting Thai markets.