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Can you pay by credit card or by online payments in Pattaya?

Transport in Pattaya is well developed, so the residents and guests of the resort can get anywhere easily.
What types of sharks are found in Pattaya and should we be afraid of shark attacks?
What fish is found in Pattaya and what kinds of fishing are available for tourists.
What to do in Pattaya in the evening and in the night time.
The elephant is the important part of the history of Thailand from the most ancient times, they are revered and respected. Find out interesting facts about elephants, and also where you can get to know them better in Pattaya.

How to get re-entry permit in Pattaya?

All about Wang Saen Suk Monastery Garden: description and how to get there.
Where to find clean and tidy beaches in Pattaya? How different are Pattaya beaches? Which are the best ones?
Amazing facts about the most popular resort.

In our article we will give useful advices how to travel Pattaya with a dog.

Description of the unique Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya: the history of the museum, the main exhibits and how to get there.
Useful tips which will help you to enjoy shopping and buy useful products in Pattaya.
Most visitors get sunburn in the first days of their stay in the Kingdom even without sunbathing at the beach.

Thailand is a wonderful country where all dreams come true.

Where can I buy a car in Pattaya and what is needed for this.

Description of U-Tapao Airport in Pattaya

Nevertheless you should not stay in the hotel room because there are many things you can do in Pattaya during the rain.

Business in Thailand for foreigners